Premini Events

United States, New York, Manhattan & Outer Boroughs

Premini Events is an award winning full service event planning & creative agency based in New York. With clients spanning nationwide, our talented team of dynamic event planners are dedicated to conceptualizing, developing & executing bespoke events that are sophisticated, modern & meaningful.

Since the birth of the company, this skilled group of planners average an estimated 30-40 carefully selected events during a given season. From luxury weddings, intimate dinner soirees, & private yacht celebrations, the team at Premini Events has created a trendsetting signature brand through their planning, execution and creative style.

A unique differentiation of this team is the charismatic personalities that comprise each team member. This experienced group established as a New York wedding planner is capable of orchestrating all types of events. No matter the scope, number of guests, or level of complexity, the team at Premini Events has been recognized as an industry leader to produce events that are polished, personalized and memorable. 


Phone: 917.880.1694

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