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Once upon a time I was given a camera, it was cheap and inexpensive but to me it was a magical time machine. You could simply press a button and freeze a moment in time, how amazing is that?  You could also capture that specific moment as you perceived it using light, angles and your own creative interpretation, it was like a whole new world.

Have you ever had bad eyesight and put on a new pair of glasses or contacts? Instant clarity! You could now see vibrant colors, individual leaves on trees and so many other wonderful things you did not have any idea that you were missing. Photography is like that to me! In fact, it made such an impact on my life that I made the decision to make it my career and I am so happy with that decision that I would never consider anything else.

I discovered my holy grail, my outlet for creative freedom, a way to express myself and make an impact on others. Over the years, I taught myself as much as I could and when I could no longer do that I studied under some of the best people in the industry. You never stop learning because if you do then you will fade away. Technology is constantly changing, like the jump from film to digital and I had to learn and embrace the new tech from the ground up. For a little while, I was in advertising and one of the art directors asked me to shoot his wedding. I had no idea what to do and back then your peers looked down on wedding photographers so I would be getting no help from them. One of my friends was doing weddings , so I tagged along and learned what I could. But I tell you that first year was so hard, the pressure of having 1 shot at documenting a wedding for the couple to cherish for a lifetime, was tremendous. After about a year, I chilled and have not been that nervous ever since. Oh and by the way, I got to shoot 5 friends of the art director’s weddings soon after and my wedding photography career was born!

FYI, I still shoot advertising, lifestyle, portraits, etc and I really believe that the experience in these other types of photography helps dramatically when shooting weddings. So for anyone reading this, I want you to know that if you have any questions, need help with something or just want to stop by the studio and say hi, I am available. If you are getting married then I would love to hear all about it and show you what I have to offer.

Personally, I have 2 amazing and beautiful daughters that I am so proud of and like to hang with. I have the coolest little dog “Chewy” (yes after Star Wars) who I found in a park while jogging, covered in mud with hair so long, he could not see. Anyway, I kept him and he is the best dog! Other than that, I like to travel, eat amazing food (constantly in search of the best pizza) and for my hobby, photography of course!

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