Chezaray Photography

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas

I’m Chezaray – aka Cesare Bonazza. I thought my name might be easier to pronounce correctly if I spelled it phonetically.

Guilty as charged and yes, I am Italian! So naturally food, wine, romance and travel are always on my mind. I can really get into cooking a simple tomato and basil pasta dish for friends and family on a lazy summer afternoon.

As a photographer I have had the awesome gift and golden opportunity to be able to travel my whole life – for those of you with the same privilege, you know the world is a beautifully exotic, magical place and I love sharing my culmination of my experiences and the many images that I have collected along the way.

I photograph people – young, famous,  fun, cute, sad, cultured, happy, chic, thin, rich, tall, old, short, serious. . . well, you get the point. It’s the only real job I have ever had and after 30 years with a camera in my hand I wouldn’t – no I couldn’t, dream of doing anything else.

I also love this country and am honored to be able to live here – loving my wife, my two daughters and my four dogs and enjoy the friendship of those I have met along the way.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit and don’t go away without making a connection . . .I would love to hear from you, so sign up for my newsletter, like my Facebook page, shoot me an email or send me a tweet – it doesn’t really matter how you do it, just do it!