Basic Invite

United States, Utah, All Areas

Basic Invite is a leading online wedding invitation company. Find over 1000+ wedding suites that can be instantly designed online by  choosing a basic layout and begin customizing it to match your wedding theme and colors. Basic Invite also offers custom samples that can be mailed to you so you can see exactly how your creation will look.

Brock Bacik started Basic Invite over 13 years ago when he went to get married and was surprised that he had to go to a store and then fax back his details in order to get his invites. As a designer by trade he knew there had to be a better way and that is when Basic Invite was born.  His main goal was to allow customers to instantly customize their invitations and let them create their perfect wedding invite on their own time.  Now over a decade later Basic Invite has helped over 100,000 couples realize that dream.