Janet Bell, Inc.

United States, Virginia, Hampton Roads & Virginia Beach

“Extraordinary” best describes the magnificent weddings and events planned by Janet Bell of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Each event is customized to transform dreams into breathtaking reality.

Inspired by an appreciation and knowledge of art, theatre, color, flowers, fabrics, lighting, design, catering and style, Janet Bell and her scenic and production studio artisans create magical moods and moments in time. More than 75 collective years of experience in the special events industry has established inexhaustible resources around the globe, providing the most unique products available.

Janet Bell believes that each client is special and that each event, no matter the size or scope is unique. Whether you arrive with dreams of your own or a need for guidance in planning your special occasion you will be embraced with enthusiasm and genuine gratitude for your faith in her abilities.

Clients express amazement and appreciation for the calm and professional manor in which their events are planned and implemented. Staying centered with confidence and a love of creating exceptional events plays a major role in this ability to achieve such composure in every situation.

Janet Bell’s team of special event professionals is there to assist you any time, any where, and place in the world.


Phone: 757.580.0040

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