Exquisitely Dunn by Kayla Marie

United States, Texas, Houston

An Exquisitely Dunn event is an experience that engages the senses.  Your guests’ eyes are drawn to subtle yet intricate details.  Enticing sounds and aromas lure them from reality into fantasy.  Food and drinks pair perfectly, and unexpected textures embrace all.  Our experiences are an escape from the ordinary – your guests will be talking for years to come.

The key to great event planning is capturing the spirit of the client and essence of the event.  The Exquisitely Dunn experience couples alluring design with impeccable service to create a product of enduring style, elegance, and creativity.  The culmination is a one-of-a-kind event tailored to you.  

Exquisitely Dunn by Kayla Marie was officially established in 2007, but Kayla has been crafting memorable events since childhood.  She quickly realized her knack for transforming dreams into reality.  This, coupled with her impeccable style, allows us to create events to suit any client’s taste.  




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