Pancho Irizarry

United States, Florida, Miami

This prominent renowned Puerto Rican guitarist, who at the young age of 12 began his career as a self-taught guitarist, little he knew that in the future he would put on the spotlight of the modern music world. Today, Pancho is one of the most respected and most popular musician in this wonderful 6-stringed world.

Pancho Irizarry studied classical guitar in the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory (CMPR) but his greatest passion was the Flamenco music, which led him, at age 16, to explore deeply into the world of Flamenco guitar.  Today, this is his showcase event and greatest source of inspiration.

Focusing on expanding his knowledge, Pancho traveled to Spain in 2001 to participate in the renowned Guitar Festival of Cordova.  There, he strengthens his talent by taking some guitar-playing technique lessons and Flamenco fundamentals from some of the world’s greatest guitarists of the caliber of Manolo Sanlucar, José Antonio Rodríguez and Manolo Franco. Now, his greatest achievement was to be considered among the Festival’s most outstanding guitarists.

After returning to his homeland, Pancho began his career as a solo guitarist, playing also in collaboration of great international singers such as David Bisbal and salsa sonero Victor Manuelle, with whom he worked for about 2 years, traveling over 40 countries and performing in great stages such as Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden in New York City, just to mention a few.

In 2008, Pancho Irizarry became the debut producer of his first album, “Puerto Rican and Latin-American Popular Songs” which skyrocketed the billboard ranks as to become the  #1 album in Borders stores in Puerto Rico and reaching an audience that later became and is still are his loyal fans.  Pancho has produced 3 more albums, “Pancho Irizarry Live”, “Puerto Rican and Latin American Popular Songs Vol. II” and “Mi Guitarra de Navidad”.

With a clearly successful music career, this acquired experience and evidence of discipline along with his great talent, Pancho Irizarry is one of the greatest guitar performers, and he is, without a doubt a clear example of passion, commitment and dedication for music and as many affirm.... a guitar virtuoso.