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Linwood Estate

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Linwood Estate is a destination countryside venue in Central Pennsylvania known to be a haven for lovers of tranquil scenery and luxurious exclusivity. The property is often described as a larger-than-life garden. It expands over 300 private acres of lush rolling hills in the Great Appalachian Valley - a setting perfect for portraits. Celebrate a full wedding weekend featuring your rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, and farewell brunch all at Linwood, an estate you can call your own. 

Each event location is graced with the quintessential scenes of the iconic mountains. Private luxury suites are included with your celebration in addition to newly renovated accommodations that can entertain up to 38 guests overnight. Popular locations include Linwood Mansion, Appalachian Ballroom, Blue Mountain Terrace, North Lawn, Linwood Gardens & Labyrinth, The Bridal Parlor and The Cottage. The team at Linwood Estate hopes as you tour the grounds on your wedding venue search, that you embrace the popular intuitive feeling of knowing “this is the one.”



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