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Chateau Cocomar

Houston, Texas, United States

As we begin to establish Chateau Cocomar’s own history, we feel that the charm in the architecture, chandeliers, furniture, fireplaces, doors, and European renaissance gardens will transport you to Europe.  Within Chateau Cocomar’s 37,000 square feet, everything from the chandeliers to the wood panel walls are a part of a private collection with its own rich history that was imported over from Europe to dazzle and charm Chateau’s guests.  The venue in itself is an unforgettable secluded destination for you and all of your guests.

Chateau Cocomar’s staff specializes in events from high end weddings to private corporate soirees.  We are committed to delivering a white glove experience.  We also want to make your special event an unforgettable one and help you make treasured memories for all of your guests.

14525 Champions Drive, Houston, TX 77069

Phone: 713.538.9400

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