A symbol of beauty and crystallized perfection, Baccarat has been a celebration of transfigured senses since the Age of Enlightenment. Its fabulous destiny—of magic and fascination, of timeless skill and glassworkers’ panache—is written in sparkling letters and imbued with ancestral modernity.

With the support of twenty-five talented Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best French Craftsmen), the crystalworks has always drawn inspiration from its roots, its craftsmanship and its heritage to transmute tradition into creation. Baccarat transmits its unique expertise through technical innovations, stylistic daring and exceptional partnerships with elite craftsmen (glassblowers, glasscutter, engravers) to transcend its excellence, becoming a major international luxury label, a symbol of French art de vivre.

To make this sensual and poetic experience last forever, Baccarat is constantly experimenting with new ideas, integrating creative input from the best young talent and major designers. Creators such as George Chevalier, Ettore Sottsass, Van Day Truex, Elie Top, Andrée Putman, Philippe Starck, Arik Levy, Jaime Hayon and Marcel Wanders have worked with the often paradoxical and fabulous alchemical processes, inspired by the magic of crystal to capture the latest styles. 

From its earliest years, Baccarat has boasted markets on every continent, and has confirmed its expansion abroad, with an ultimate consecration: the 2003 inauguration of its head offices in Paris, designed by Philippe Starck. Located in the former mansion of Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles, the museum, boutique and “Cristal Room” restaurant have rekindled the firm’s enchantment and wonder. The 2008 opening of the Moscow Maison Baccarat was a brilliant echo to the Parisian temple, and achieved the goal of offering its clientele marvelously witty, intimate and privileged crystal palaces—a world of dreams, a wave of modernity. 

With a proud history reaching back three centuries, Baccarat remains more than ever a symbol of eternally young and unrivaled luxury. Magnificent Baccarat crystal, a telluric legacy distinguished by a collection of timeless masterpieces, remains the finest of all, perfectly in tune with its timeless legend.


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