Gerard Riveron

Often called a “jeweler’s jeweler,” Gerard Riveron has more than four decades of experience.

Our mission is to provide discreet, exclusive access to the collections of distinguished Independent Fine Jewelry Designers without a brand presence or distribution channel within the United States. Each remarkable designer chosen is selected for his or her original designs, craftsmanship, quality, and control of production within their individual workshops…and for the limited production of their work. 

The three French brands represented exclusively by GerardRiveron — Maison Bachet, Mathon Paris Joaillerie, and Umane Paris — are members of the "Joaillerie de France," a label of origin whose purpose is to certify that products bearing a stamp have been produced in France in accordance with its legal, social, ethical and environmental standards, and in the respect of the Rules of the Art. 

Calling on more than four decades of Fine Jewelry marketing and private sales experience, with a discerning eye and intuitive taste for the extraordinary, Gerard Riveron presents a concierge Fine Jewelry shopping experience like no other.

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