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Parisa Farnia & Ruedi Sieber

January 16, 2016 In Miami, Florida

Five years ago, on a midsummer’s evening in Manhattan, Parisa Farnia met Ruedi Sieber at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Mingling around the Soho rooftop, one of Ruedi’s friends was the first to approach Parisa, but she found it difficult to hold a conversation with her “Spanglish.” Sure enough, it was Ruedi who stepped in to translate.

“The first time I met Ruedi, I was overwhelmed by his looks, charm, multilingual abilities and, most of all, his gentlemanly demeanor,” Parisa describes. “He had old world mannerisms and he was a true gentleman in his words and actions. There’s nothing more attractive than that.”

Ruedi was quite taken himself, as he noticed Parisa from the moment she entered the room. Her impeccable style first caught his eye, followed by her captivating aura.

“I was instantly smitten by how gorgeous and exotic she looked,” he says, “and the amazing energy she was giving off was infectious. The fact that she was smart made it perfect, as I could tell she was the full and perfect package.”

Since being together, Parisa and Ruedi’s romance has survived some particularly harrowing times. Two years ago, Ruedi was diagnosed with a rare and incurable brain tumor; but Parisa had lost her mother to cancer back in 2004 and was determined to have a different ending to Ruedi’s story. She spent every day and night at his bedside and, after several conventional treatments, decided to travel the world with him in search of a cure. A year of jet setting, medicines and healers later, the couple was closer than ever and there was no sign of cancer in sight.

“She was my guardian angel,” Ruedi says. “She is my best friend, and her strength and dedication was my motivation to keep going.”

On New Year’s Eve of 2015, Ruedi and Parisa were vacationing in the Swiss Alps. Surrounded by snowy trees that looked like a real-life Narnia, Ruedi arranged for a horse-drawn sleigh to take them for a ride through the woods. At the top of a mountain, he got down on one knee and said, “With you, we will always be on top of the world,” and proposed.

The morning of the wedding was filled with love, laughter, tears, and excitement. As the bride and groom were having photos taken, the groom presented his bride with a box. When she opened it, a swirl of monarch butterflies flew into the air – a nod to Parisa’s love of butterflies, but also a symbol of letting go of the past and moving forward in their life together.

The wedding ceremony was a beautiful blend of the groom’s Swiss-Colombian heritage and the bride’s Persian culture. Special touches were added throughout the celebration, including an empty chair with a flower in its place, symbolizing the space held for Parisa’s mother.

Guests enjoyed food catered by Thierry Isambert, which was a magnificent display of culinary art–each detail perfectly planned, from the flower-shaped butter, to the salad sprinkled with flower petals. Ruedi also surprised everyone with a performance by one of Parisa’s favorite bands, the Gipsy Kings.

“The wedding day felt like an amazing combination of new and old, with the coming together of two families and two souls,” says Parisa. “There was an energy throughout the day and a feeling of contentment.”

>Written By: Lauren Malamala

Location: Vizcaya Museum & Gardens Miami, FL; Caterer: Thierry Isambert Culinary & Event Design Miami, FL; Cake: Elegant Temptations Miami, FL; Event Design and Planner: Elite Planning Firm Miami, FL; Floral Design and Linen, Rentals: Distinctive Details Miami, FL; Stationery: Farnia Design Miami, FL;
Lighting: Event Factor Miami, FL; Entertainment: Gipsy Kings; Wedding Dress: Rita Vinieris; Bridal Salon: Chernaya Bridal House Miami, FL; Bride’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo; Groom’s Attire: Dolce & Gabbana;

Photography by

Cinematography by

Parisa Farnia & Ruedi Sieber

January 16, 2016 in Miami, Florida

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