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Sassani Photography

Vinita Agrawal & Alok Mody

November 18-20, 2016 in Houston, Texas

Vinita Agrawal doesn’t recall the details of her first encounter with Alok Mody. Both were students at the University of Texas, attending a crowded college party.

“That’s probably a better outcome than the second time we interacted, when Alok yelled at me for ‘breaking’ his computer after his obnoxious comments following a heated Rockets basketball game, in which my beloved team lost,” Vinita amuses. “Alas, after spending the summer together in Austin, we both realized the special bond between us.”

Over the next five years, the couple had flown tens of thousands of miles to visit each other during multiple stints of their long-distance relationship. On a cool December evening in Houston, Alok told Vinita they were going to a coworker’s holiday party on the roof of an apartment complex downtown. When they arrived, nobody was there. While Vinita assumed they were at the wrong apartment, Alok distracted her by suggesting everyone was around the corner, and that they should look at the great view. Suddenly, Alok grabbed Vinita’s hands and began talking about their relationship.

“Honestly, I don’t remember a thing Alok said,” Vinita describes. “I just had a rush of emotions, because I realized what was really happening. As soon as Alok went down on one knee, string lights all around the rooftop railing went on.”

After accepting his proposal, Vinita tried calling her family and was frustrated that nobody answered. However, they ended up surprising her, along with her best friend, and everyone gathered into an attached party room set up with a table of champagne. As more friends trickled in, the night turned into an unforgettable engagement celebration.

With Indian weddings typically spanning multiple days, Vinita wanted to have three separate themes for each event. The events would all take place in the same ballroom, but would be transformed into three distinct environments. For the wedding ceremony, a rustic garden theme was brought indoors with dark greenery, wood browns, deep plums and burgundies and pale pinks.

The following sangeet was inspired by a Turkish Grand Bazaar. Bold colors filled the ballroom, food carts were set up, and guests were invited to pick up some fun “swag items.” Prior to the sangeet, Vinita had also traveled to Istanbul, so she could bring back authentic Grand Bazaar trinkets and items for the occasion.

“What I had initially envisioned was taken a step further by adding a canopy of lights with a central chandelier figure, to make it a nighttime bazaar,” Vinita explains. “I cannot even begin to describe how unbelievable it was to see the final product. That night was exactly what I wanted – color, lights and fun.”

Finally, for the wedding reception, the bride and groom had one theme in mind, which would make a connection to their proposal – lights. A variety of Edison bulbs was used for the décor, and a cool, low-key, prohibition bar feel was brought to life. Beyond the elaborate décor, live entertainment and a DJ kept guests dancing on the double-layer dance floor all night. At 12:45am, the curtains opened and revealed an exclusive room for an official after party, set up with a bar and large screens displaying videos, and everyone continued to dance the night away.

“All the love and support we received to put this wedding together and during the events was overwhelmingly wonderful,” says Vinita. “I miss that wonderful weekend already!”

>Written by: Lauren Malamala

Location: Hilton Americas-Houston Houston, TX; Planner: Electric Karma International Houston, TX; Floral and Event Design, Linen, Rentals and Lighting: Prashe Decor Houston, TX; Lengha: Sabyasachi;
Groom’s Attire: Custom Made; Cake: Alphorn Bakery Houston, TX; Entertainment: Karma DJ’s, Aatma Performing Arts, Paul Varghese and Sofie Dossi; Hair and Makeup: Blush & Glow Houston, TX;

Photography by

Cinematography by

Vinita Agrawal & Alok Mody

November 19, 2016 in Houston, Texas

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