Makena Hunt & Vanessa Rockstroh

August 4, 2018 in Kaneohe, Hawaii

The first thing Makena Hunt remembers about Vanessa Rockstroh was her striking smile and knee-high socks when she was a server on the boardwalk in San Diego; and the first thing Vanessa remembers about Makena was her mesmerizing green eyes, even in the darkness of the club Rich’s – also in San Diego.

Of the many things that brought the two women together, one was a mutual adoration for Hawaii. From the time she was a little girl, Vanessa would take beautiful trips to the Hawaiian Islands with her family, and her birthday party themes were almost always Hawaiian. Makena, on the other hand, is from Hawaii and always wanted to share her deep-rooted love of her Oahu homeland with a future partner. After moving to the mainland, Makena fell in love with Vanessa’s genuine affection for Hawaii, which made her “feel instantly at home.” This led to four blissful years of dating, which culminated in a surprise proposal from Makena – made even more special as she popped the question with her late mother’s wedding ring.

Vanessa and Makena were married during a destination wedding in Hawaii, and it was an incredible feeling when they realized they would be joined in matrimony, surrounded by family and friends from around the world, and globally recognized as a married couple.

“Our journey together had encountered challenges, celebrations, milestones, growth, beauty, and gratitude,” they describe. “Our true intention with the theme of our wedding was to genuinely emulate and honor the spirit of Aloha in Oahu, Hawaii. The islands’ ability to permeate itself into the breath of our own deep inhales, filling our lungs, nourishing our souls, and continuing to flow through our veins, and yet becoming an intrinsic part of our beings that walk the earth day after day, year after year. Furthermore, the sheer majestic beauty of Kualoa Ranch reminds us and our guests of how the land, with all its life that it breathes in and out through the mountain ridges, the white sandy beaches, and the ebb and flow of the blue ocean tide, welcomes you and imprints itself in anyone that visits and seeks its enriching spirit.”

The wedding décor was bright and fresh, with a mix of contemporary aesthetics and quintessential Hawaiian touches. “We truly let the surroundings speak itself, with a backdrop of lush green mountain ridges, blue sky, Chinaman's hat (the small island in the background), and of course the beach,” says the couple. “A huge thanks goes out to friends and family who banded together to procure and custom craft many of our unique and sentimental decorations and personalized signage.”

After a wonderful wedding celebration, the newlyweds set off on an epic honeymoon adventure in Europe, traveling throughout Germany and Italy. “It was the trip of a lifetime visiting dear family; sipping fine Chianti and attending our friends’ wedding in Tuscany; enjoying aperitivo and ancient sculptures in Florence; gelato and the Colosseum in Rome; Bellinis and a gondola ride in Venice; and limoncello with a sunny boat day around the island of Capri.”