Photography by
Tony Gajate Photography

Emma Mufson & Roman Peysakhovich

January 10, 2019 in Miami Beach, Florida

When Roman Peysakhovich came across Emma Mufson’s photo on Jswipe, he immediately sent an invitation for her to accept. Rather than accepting his request, however, Emma ended up waiting until Valentine’s Day. Immediately, the two began texting and spending time getting to know each other over the phone and Facetime. With Roman living in Minneapolis and Emma residing in Saint Louis, it was three months before they met in person.

After deciding to meet in Chicago, Emma and Roman began traveling back and forth to see each other until November, when Emma moved to Minneapolis. Roman owns a residential and commercial cleaning company, so Emma was able to work for him. The couple also went on to adopt two dogs together – a French Bulldog named Boaz, and a Cane Corso named Sonny.

The following year, Roman proposed on the Pier in Sunny Isle, surrounded by friends and family. He had told Emma to meet him there for a family photo shoot; but when she arrived, she saw candles and rose petals on the ground. “How cute, someone is getting engaged,” she said, not realizing she was the bride-to-be. Her family blended in seamlessly with the people fishing, and it wasn’t until Roman popped the question that she realized she was in the company of all her loved ones.

Since the couple loves Miami, they decided to host a destination wedding in January, providing their guests with a warm weather vacation and a beautiful wedding celebration.