Photography by
Barbara Zanon Photography

Rebecca Harwood & Elliot Asprey

August 24, 2014 in Tuscany, Italy

Rebecca Harwood was at a local cocktail bar with her mother one night, lamenting how difficult it was to meet anyone in a town as small as Crawley. After hearing her daughter suggest leaving to go travel again, Rebecca’s mom immediately pointed out a rather handsome, yet brooding gentleman across the room, and insisted they go talk to him. That man turned out to be Elliot Asprey, who wasn’t having the best day until then. “I was about to head home when Becca and her mother came over,” he says. “There was just something about her–she was so easy to talk to, and we ended up staying out most of the night.” It turned out to be a perfect match made by mom. “She often credits herself as having picked out my future husband for me,” says Becca. 

Elliot and Becca were engaged Christmas morning, and the wedding planning process soon followed. As a self-confessed “control freak,” Becca did much of the planning herself, along with the help of her mother. It turned out to be an extra special time for the mother-daughter pair. Becca says, “We really made the most of the wedding journey by going to New York several times for my dress and accessories, and visiting wedding fairs and exhibitions with my bridesmaids and aunt.” They also took trips to Casa Cornacchi in Italy to meet with the vendors, and loved the Italian hospitality and scenic beauty that greeted them.

While the bride-to-be took care of most of the wedding decisions, the two important factors the couple chose together were the music and photographer. “We researched photographers for a long time, but when we came across Barbara’s work, it blew us away,” Elliott explains. “The music did not disappoint, either. Our guests loved it, and it really set the tone for the whole day perfectly.”

The wedding day was surprisingly relaxed. For the ceremony, which took place in the medieval town of Lucignano, Becca was holding a bouquet of roses in cream and pale pink. Amusingly, Elliott “refused, point blank, to tuck his shirt in–much to the dismay of a few guests,” says Becca. “But that’s what I love about him–his relaxed nature and defiance of the rulebook. His casual attire only made me love him more!”

After saying their vows amidst the beautiful frescoed walls of the town hall, they made their way back to Casa Cornacchi for prosecco on the terrace, featuring a fantastic cocktail singer. The reception that followed was romantic, intimate, and the décor was filled with personal touches. Guests also enjoyed a traditional Tuscan menu, featuring local delicacies and wine from neighboring vineyards.

One of the more emotional parts of the night were the speeches from Becca’s parents. Quoting Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” her mom said, “I could not have parted with you to anyone less worthy.” Her father provided some comedic relief. Since his nickname for Becca is “Young Viper,” he gave his speech and then presented Elliot with a snake taming tool, along with a handbook on how to tame your snake. 

With a DJ after dinner, the newlyweds and their guests spent the rest of the night on the dance floor, enjoying their favorite music. “It was like being at a live concert,” says the bride. “The atmosphere was electric, and the guests loved it.”

Becca and Elliott spent their honeymoon in Rome, and couldn’t speak of anything but how wonderful their wedding was. “The wedding high still hasn’t left us,” Elliott says. “I still pour over the photos and relieve the wedding day and Rome–I would love it if we could go back and do it all over again.”

Location: Casa Cornacchi Country House Tuscany, Italy; Planner: Distinctive Italy Weddings Tuscany, Italy; Floral Design: Stiatti Fiori Tuscany, Italy;