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Jamie Pumpelly & Jim Stokes

December 1, 2018 in Fisher Island, Florida

Location: Fisher Island Club Fisher Island, FL

Jamie Pumpelly and Jim Stokes met over 20 years ago, when Jim was in search of a yacht and Jamie happened to be a yacht broker. The two met at a boat show in Annapolis, where Jamie showed Jim a boat that she felt would meet his needs. Although Jim liked the boat, he decided to look for a better price; and as a result, he decided to purchase the same yacht in Florida from Jeff Peck – Jamie’s competition.

Coincidentally, Jim soon ended up moving his new boat to Jamie’s marina, risking some rather awkward feelings. Deciding to let bygones be bygones, Jamie agreed to rent him a slip, and they became good friends over the years. To this day, they still look back and laugh about the situation.

After 20 years of friendship (and Jamie trying to set Jim up with all her single friends), Jim finally “dropped a bomb shell” by telling Jamie he wanted to date her instead. Of course, she agreed – and a few years later, on Jamie’s birthday, Jim proposed. The best plot twist of the whole story? It was Jeff Peck who united them in marriage.

The couple wanted their wedding to take place on December 1st, leaving them only two and a half months to plan. Before they knew it, they were gathering with loved ones for a gorgeous Fisher Island wedding, complete with perfect weather. The bride and groom tied the knot surrounded by their grown children. During their friendship, Jim had lost a wife and Jamie lost a child – and that common bond culminated in a perfect match based on love and support.

“The décor, the flowers, the arbor we were married under was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen,” says Jamie. “They honeymoon was really incredible as well. We chartered a boat and left Fisher Island and told the captain to take us anywhere! The boat was an 85-foot Azmiut, and we had a captain and a cook. We were aboard the yacht for seven amazing days.”

Location: Fisher Island Club Fisher Island, FL;

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Jamie Pumpelly & Jim Stokes

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