Photography by
Katch Studios

Sonia Frias & Andrew Jason Lajaro

August 2, 2014 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sonia Frias and Andrew Jason Lajaro’s love story begins in front of the Polar Express at the 2001 Calgary Stampede. Their connection was instantaneous and their first interaction was full of the excitement of getting to know each other. “At the tender age of fourteen and sixteen, we dated for a short three months,” Sonia shares. “It was not until years later, by complete chance, that we were reconnected.” By that time, they were living in different cities and had not seen or spoken to each other in more than eight years. From there, however, they picked up right where they left off and started a new long-distance relationship.

Three-and-a-half years later, after Jason had returned from a boys trip to Mexico, the couple was flipping through some pictures from his trip. In the second-to-last picture, Sonia saw “I Love You” written in the sandy beach of the Riviera. The last photo had another message written in the sand: “Sonia Will You Marry Me?” Jason then dropped down on one knee, pulled out a stunning engagement ring, and proposed. 

Their wedding planning process was a thoroughly enjoyable experience headed by the couple’s wedding planner, Sofia. They expressed to her their vision for the wedding, which she diligently worked to create. “She was definitely our saving grace throughout this process, and she allowed for the planning to run smoothly and effortlessly,” says Sonia. “Without her guidance, we could not have been able to pull off such an amazing day.” 

The wedding day was filled with a wealth of emotions, as it was hard to believe that more than a year of wedding planning was about to come to an end. It wasn’t until the bride and groom were in their limousine, driving to the church for their ceremony, that it finally sunk in–the two children who met thirteen years ago were getting married. “It seemed like a complete dream,” says the bride. “The whole day was a haze filled with tears, laughter and love.”

Before guests were seated, the bride and groom were able to sneak into their venue to take in the beauty of what had been created for them. The bride says, “It was difficult to envision how the venue would come together when playing with different textures, linens, and florals piece by piece; but once we were able to have it revealed to us, it was absolutely breathtaking.” 

Beyond pleased with the wedding décor, the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed a delicious and endless stream of food, complete with a midnight buffet fit for a king. The lobby of the venue featured cascades of photos of friends and family, along with a memorial for loved ones who had passed. Everything was romantic, timelessly elegant, and had a hint of glamour.

Sonia and Jason’s wedding surpassed all of their expectations. “Our dream became a reality that day, and something our friends and family are still speaking about,” says Sonia. “We are so fortunate to have had a day dedicated to us and our unshakable love.”

Ceremony Location: St. Charles Parish Edmonton, AB, Canada; Reception Location: Woodvale Facility & Golf Clubhouse Edmonton, AB, Canada; Event Design and Planner: Awespiring Weddings Edmonton, AB, Canada;
Floral Design: FaBLOOMosity Edmonton, AB, Canada; Cake: Style Cakes Sherwood Park, AB, Canada;