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Taiye Fadojutimi & Adeyemi Adesanya

November 26, 2016. Timonium, Maryland

Taiye and Adeyemi were introduced by one of their pastors, although a first missed encounter took place online. Yemi had sent Taiye a friend request on Facebook but, since he was a stranger, Taiye didn’t accept. It was her aunt and friends who amusingly took over her page and accepted his request on her behalf, which led to Yemi finding her on Instagram and sending a cute message. 
“We used social media, Skype, Whatsapp, and Facetime to communicate, as this was a very long-distance relationship,” Taiye explains. “We started talking while he was on a trip in Nigeria and I was living in New York at the time. That summer, however, I moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE for work and he of course lived in the UK.” 
The pair officially met in September of 2015, when Yemi made a trip out to Abi Dhabi. “When I first saw her, my initial thought was, ‘Wow her body is firm, her teeth are white, and her forehead isn’t as big in person,” he amuses. “I was sure before I wanted to marry her, but after meeting her for the first time, it just assured my decision and I immediately thanked God for her life.”
Yemi proposed on Taiye’s birthday the next year, at a private island in the UAE. He told her they’d be going to dinner, and when they were about to cross the beach, he got down on one knee to pop the question. “I had to repeat my speech at dinner though, because she couldn’t hear me at the time over her own screaming,” he adds.
With Taiye living in Abu Dhabi and Yemi living in London, planning a destination wedding in the US was a difficult feat – especially with the drastic time difference. “Getting things done and communicating effectively was difficult,” Taiye describes. “We hired a good wedding planner, which made everything easier. I arrived in the States five days before the wedding, and it was odd seeing everything for the first time when I had been planning for months; also, seeing my fiancé for the first time in months.”
Regardless of distance, the wedding day turned out to be a fairy tale celebration. The bride and groom were both in awe of how everything looked and how smoothly the entire day transpired. There was a regal ambiance during the reception, with copious amounts of food being served all around, and there was so much love in the air that nobody could resist succumbing to the dreamy, romantic mood of the evening.
While the newlyweds only saw each other six times before getting married, they were thrilled to finally embark on a lifelong journey together.
>Written by: Lauren Malamala
Planner: MasterPlan Event Silver Spring, MD; Ceremony Wedding Dress: Ysa Makino;

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