Photography by
David Bastianoni Studios

Maxine Taylor & Edward Kroll

August 8, 2016. Venice, Italy

For their wedding, Maxine and Edward opted for a symbolic ceremony instead of a civil, legally-binding ceremony. The two were tying the knot with a destination wedding in Italy, and they wanted to enjoy their time in the country without dealing with the complexity of paperwork.
During the wedding planning process, the couple envisioned a picturesque yet simple outdoor ceremony site – something along the lines of a bridge or an historic fountain. Most importantly, they wanted their wedding experience to take place in Venice. As such, their wedding planner suggested the Isola di San Giorgio, one of the most beautiful and iconic gems in the Venice Laguna.
To commemorate the occasion, the bride and groom transitioned to different areas of Venice throughout the day for the best photo opportunities. This was followed by a romantic and secluded dinner together, continuing with a night out on the town. 
The newlyweds extended their Italian excursion with a honeymoon in Venice, Florence, and Rome.
>Written by: Lauren Malamala
Location: Venice, Italy; Planner: getteringmarriedinitaly Venice, Italy;