Photography by
Lin & Jirsa Photography

Kiran Sandhu & Sumir Kaytee

May 9, 2014 in Santa Barbara, California

Event Design and Planner: Kevin Lee Productions Los Angeles, CA

On the day of their wedding, someone asked Sumir to describe his relationship with Kiran. He answered “it’s something not easily described, but very easily felt. I think we both feel the same way about our wedding.”

Kiran and Sumir are Indian and as is customary in Indian culture, their wedding was a seven-day affair consisting of different functions each with their own cultural significance and religious conventions. 

“As you might guess,” says Sumir, “a week long wedding takes a significant amount of planning. The credit for the festivities certainly goes to our families who lovingly and tirelessly labored to make sure the two of us had a fairytale wedding. In the end, it was that love and effort that contributed greatly to the overall sensation of warmth that shone upon our celebrations.”

The only thing that mattered to them according to Sumir was that they loved each other enough and their families loved them enough to put forward their very best effort into making their wedding as memorable as possible.

The wedding ceremony took place in Santa Barbara on a golf course overlooking the ocean. After the ceremony they were supposed to have a tented luncheon on the grounds for their guests. This was an elaborate affair that had taken months of planning. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t cooperate with their plans.

After weeks of pristine weather conditions, on the wedding day, a strong windstorm kicked up. For safety concerns the guests had to vacate the tent. The music stopped, the caterers had to stop serving food and Sumir and Kiran nervously sat by as hundreds of their guests were standing in the open air, right in the center of the grounds. And that’s when something special happened.

All of their family and friends continued to celebrate as if nothing had happened.  The DJ moved his speakers and equipment onto a golf trolley, parked himself on the nearest putting green and all of their loved ones literally were throwing caution to the wind and partying as if they were the happiest people on earth.

No one cared if their salon-prepped hair and makeup was disheveled and smudged or if they had to eat their food while standing up. They just wanted to show their love and affection by celebrating with Kiran and Sumir. “No one gave a second thought to what color table cloths we chose or which flatware we decided on,” says Sumir. “Those previously nerve wracking choices now seemed trivial and insignificant. That moment, there on the golf course, encapsulated everything memorable about our wedding. The details didn’t matter, the effort did. The love did.”

“Countless pages have been dedicated to what love is or isn’t,” concludes Sumir “and people far more intelligent than the two of us have unsuccessfully attempted to describe the feeling. It’s not easy for us to describe either, but we know what it is…we felt it that day.”

Ceremony Location: Sandpiper Golf Club Santa Barbara, CA; Reception Location: Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, California Westlake, CA; Cake: The Butter End Cakery Santa Monica, CA; Event Design and Planner: Kevin Lee Productions Los Angeles, CA;
Rentals: Town & Country Event Rentals Los Angeles, CA; Rentals: Roberta Karsch - Resource Onc Inc. Los Angeles, CA; Lighting: Lighting G. Productions Los Angeles, CA; Entertainment: DJ Nasha and Akbar Sami Bombay, India; Cinematography: The Wedding Filmer Bombay, India;

Photography by

Cinematography by

Kiran Sandhu & Sumir Kaytee

May 9, 2014 in Santa Barbara, California

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