Nhat Ha Nguyen & Thanh Tung Nguyen

September 4, 2016 in Hai Phong, Vietnam

Nhat Ha Nguyen and Thanh Tung Nguyen first met each other in London. It was 2011, and they were attending a birthday party for a member of Tung’s former host family in the UK, where Ha had just moved in. Tung noticed her beautiful smile immediately, and they soon discovered several commonalities, such as being from the same city in Vietnam and spending a great deal of their childhoods far from home. This first encounter eventually led to a long-distance relationship.

“The distance and time difference could never weaken the understanding and care we have for each other,” Ha shares. “Before meeting him, I was going through everyday life as a routine and did not know what I wanted exactly. Knowing Tung changed all that.”

When it came time to propose, Tung wanted to make sure it was an extra special surprise. It was a summer’s night in Paris, when the couple was walking near the Avenue des Champs-Elysees. Although he had prepared his speech long beforehand, Tung couldn’t help feeling nervous.

“When she said ‘Yes,’ I almost burst out like I was the happiest man in the world,” Tung describes. “The lights on the street, the music, Ha’s face – I can still see it in my mind.”

Wanting their wedding in Vietnam to reflect the love they have for each other, Tung and Ha put a great deal of effort into the wedding planning process. When the big day arrived, both felt an indescribable mix of emotion. After spending such a long time nurturing a long-distance relationship, they would finally be able to spend the rest of their lives together, sharing every moment. The couple would also be adhering to the Vietnamese tradition of making sure guests are welcomed and served with the highest level of hospitality – a daunting task for a guest list of 1,000 people.

White was the main color of the wedding décor, and Paris was used as the theme and source of inspiration. An elaborate Chinese dinner was also presented through twelve courses, and the bride and groom were especially honored to have invited photographer Christopher Ostinelli – a close friend – to Vietnam, so he could capture their special day.

“The wedding was very successful in the end,” says the couple. “We were very happy and satisfied, seeing our efforts in organizing our wedding have paid off.”

>Written by: Lauren Malamala

Ceremony Location: Private Estate Hai Phong, Vietnam; Reception Location: Convention Hall Hai Phong, Vietnam; Planner, Floral and Event Design, Cake: Nhat Ha LTD Hai Phong, Vietnam;

Photography by

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Nhat Ha Nguyen & Thanh Tung Nguyen

September 4, 2016 in Hai Phong, Vietnam

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