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Stephanie Hurtado & Jeff Green

August 19, 2017. Miami, FL

During the summer of 2014, Jeff decided to take an impromptu trip to Miami to visit his best friend. During a night out, the two guys happened to run into Stephanie at the same club – and coincidentally, Stephanie and Jeff’s friend knew each other. 
As the night progressed and stories and laughs were exchanged, Jeff could hardly take his eyes of his new acquaintance and made sure to ask for her number before they parted ways. Text messages were exchanged shortly after and, although Stephanie was hesitant at first, she was quickly won over by Jeff’s persistence and warm nature. The two continued getting to know each other over the next few months. By month three, they were finally able to see each other again. That same initial attraction was still there, and both knew there was no going back.
Each year during their courtship, the couple took some time to get away together during the summer. For the summer of 2016, they decided on a romantic vacation in Greece, and Stephanie began compiling a list of must-see places and local food spots. Jeff, however, hand a different agenda involving romantic views and the perfect ring. During their first night in Greece, he planned a beautiful sunset cruise and Stephanie received the marriage proposal of her dreams. The wedding planning process began as soon as the couple returned stateside. Once they had found the right wedding planner and venue, all other details fell into place.
On the morning of their wedding day, the bride and groom were filled with nervous anticipation; but as soon as Jeff saw Stephanie walking down the aisle, everything else faded away. A beautiful ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour and reception that teemed with excitement and lively energy, which was everything the newlyweds hoped for during their dream wedding. The décor was unique, all the details came together, and the dance floor was filled throughout the evening.
After the wedding, Stephanie and Jeff began their new life together on the island of Antigua. Staying at the Jumby Bay Private Island Resort, their honeymoon was perfection with only a few people at the resort, making it feel as if they had all of Antigua to themselves. Most of their time was spent relaxing by the water and watching the sunsets over the crystal blue ocean. Most notable, however, was a romantic candlelit dinner by the water with delicious food and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore – the perfect start to a new chapter.
>Written by: Lauren Malamala
Planner: Marylen Exposito Weddings Coral Gables, FL; Wedding Dress: Berta ; Bridal Salon: Chic Parisien Coral Gables, FL; Groom’s Attire: Waraire Boswell;

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Stephanie Hurtado & Jeff Green