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Michael Segal Photography

Coralie Cervello & Guillaume Hotelin

June 14, 2014 in Marrakech, Morocco

Featured In Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine Fall/Winter 2015 Issue

As an eight-year-old in Casablanca, Morocco, she showed her affection for the blond, blue-eyed boy by chasing him around the playground, but the children grew up and lost touch. When Coralie Cervello and Guillaume Hotelin reconnected in their early 20s, something clicked. At the time, they both were living in Paris and he called her. They went out and had their first kiss on September 14th, which became their special date.

After nine months, they officially became a couple. “Then, Guillaume told me he was accepted for a master’s degree at UCLA, and I thought our time together was over,” says Coralie. Instead, she decided to join him in the United States to continue her education, learn English and meet new people.

One of Coralie’s dreams was to see Bora Bora. Since it was a significantly shorter flight from California than from Morocco, they decided to visit. “We had spent a day deep sea fishing,” says Coralie. “On the way back, we made an unexpected stop on an island just after sunset.” There, she spotted a beautifully set candlelit table for two on the beach. They ate the fish she had caught, drank champagne and at the end of dinner Guillaume proposed.

“When I found out that September 14th was a Saturday, I knew I had my wedding date,” says Coralie of her intimate civil ceremony in Terre Blanche in the south of France. Next, the bride turned her energies to planning every detail of her church ceremony and celebration.

With Coralie and Guillaume once again living in Morocco, they decided to share the magic of the city of Marrakech with their 230 guests, most of whom had never been there. Palais Namaskar, with its blend of old Moroccan decor and modern details, was the perfect place for their party.

Coralie decided to not even peek at the crowd before the late afternoon church ceremony and vividly remembers the moment she entered the sanctuary. “Coming down the aisle on my dad’s arm was the most amazing few seconds of my life, seeing all those faces of people I know and love,” she says.

June is usually arid in Marrakech, but the day before her entirely al fresco wedding reception, the rains came down. The bride admits being totally “freaked out” as she had no “plan B.” Luckily, the next day dawned bright and beautiful, affording guests lovely views of the sunset, mountains and palms during the celebration.

Although the buffet selections were plentiful, Coralie barely sampled the food. But dancing was another story. “The band and the DJ were so amazing!” she says. Guests crowded the dance floor almost until dawn.

At 5 a.m., the remaining small band of revelers shimmied out of their clothes and jumped in the pool, where Coralie, after dealing with 40 intricate buttons on her dress, joined Guillaume and company.

Nearly a year later, Coralie is creating a honeymoon in two parts. First, a summer trip to the Seychelles and then New Year’s in Australia, where the unstoppable planner will have each day scheduled hour by hour.

> Written by Francine Kaplan



Location: Palais Namaskar Marrakech, Morocco; Coordinators: Florence Marty and Olivia Grigaux Marrakech, Morocco; Floral Design: Le Kiosque à Fleurs Marrakech, Morocco;
Wedding Dress and Veil: Celestina Agostino; Bride’s Shoes: Saint Laurent; Groom’s Attire: Tom Ford;

Photography by

Cinematography by

Coralie Cervello & Guillaume Hotelin

June 14, 2014 in Marrakech, Morocco

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