Photography by
Peter & Veronika and Yvan Grubski

Alina and Julien Solamito

June 30, 2018. Monaco, France

Decor: Deco-FlammeAntibes, France

Alina and Julien Solamito first met as co-workers at the office coffee machine. “We were good friends until one night when the magic happened,” Alina shares. “It was at a Halloween party, and we’ve never separated since.”

The proposal took place in South America, where Atacama provided a stunning backdrop for the special moment. “It was a surprise, but I did catch the bouquet one day before at our friend’s wedding,” Alina recalls. “Well, I kind of stole it – but it was still a surprise, and I will never forget the proposal day. He was so stressed and so relieved after he did it.”

As the first step in their wedding planning process, the couple decided to enlist the help of The Wedding Planners Monaco. “Even though I work as an event manager, to do it for yourself is really hard. I knew Imène and Cécile were the best,” says Alina. “Everything was perfect. It was very elegant, and every day had a special theme; but the highlight of my décor were the flowers at the church!”

After their Monaco wedding celebration, the newlyweds jetted off to French Polynesia. Being avid scuba divers, they both agree that the experience was well worth the 14-hour flight.

>Written by: Lauren Malamala

Decor: Deco-Flamme Antibes, France;

Photography by

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Alina & Julien Solamito

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