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Priscilla Giampietro & Christopher Jimenez

April 26, 2015 in Capri, Italy

Christopher Jimenez and Priscilla Giampietro first met through a mutual friend after Chris “Facebook stalked” Priscilla online. They were both living in different states at the time, but had plans to be home for the holidays; so their friend organized a double date. Initially, Priscilla wasn’t interested in being more than friends, even though Chris called her several times over the next few months. After a soccer date under the stars, however, the roles reversed and she began to pursue him.

“It’s true that guys like a chase, because he started ignoring me,” Priscilla says. “We didn’t speak for several months until he asked if I wanted to join him at a basketball game. I almost didn’t respond, but my mom convinced me to go out with him.”

Finally, a real love story began. The two spent every day together while Chris was in town, and spoke every subsequent day on the phone. A month later, he asked Priscilla to visit him and to be his girlfriend.

“I felt like a teenage girl again–when a boy asked ‘if you wanted to go around’,” Priscilla describes. “It was quite perfect! We dated long distance for eight months, then I moved across the country for him.”

During the couple’s first vacation overseas together, they enjoyed great food and wine in Europe, splitting their week between two countries. While they were on a wine tour in Tuscany, Chris proposed in the beautiful town of San Gimignano. The newly-engaged pair then traveled to Capri Island, where they stayed at the charming Capri Wine Hotel and fell in love with the ambiance and owners, Raffaele and Elena.

“It was a surreal experience, because I was beyond excited that the man of my dreams wanted to spend his life with me,” says Priscilla.

The wedding planning process was quick, as Priscilla and Chris decided to elope overseas. They felt it was only fitting to choose the Capri Wine Hotel as their wedding venue, and Elena helped the couple orchestrate the most romantic day of their lives.

On the wedding day, the bride walked down the vineyard towards her groom as a live band played “Ave Maria.” Elena married the pair, and the two proceeded to dance in the hotel vineyard after the nuptials.

“I didn’t think the day could get any better until we were guided to our private boat for a tour of the island with a picnic,” says the bride. “I looked into my husband’s eyes and knew at that moment, this man would always be my home no matter what happens or where we are. A piece of our hearts stayed on Capri Island that day!”

>Written By: Lauren Malamala

Location: Capri Wine Hotel Capri, Italy;