Photography by
Emma Hopp Photography

Bobby Bowden & Ceasar Pacheco

August 13, 2018 in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

Floral and Event Design, Planner: Sugar Branch Events Costa Mesa, CA:

Although Bobby Bowden and Ceasar Pacheco met in the same way as many happy couples do (through mutual friends), it took some time for Ceasar to “seal the deal” with Bobby. Being the persistent type, Ceasar went as far as commissioning a painting by Bobby for his home, meaning they would conveniently need to be in constant contact and spend time together. “We quickly realized our personalities and love languages perfectly complemented each other, and we were living together within six months,” Bobby shares. “The painting was never finished.”

Given that Ceasar had a five-year-old son, Noah, marriage was something he and Bobby always spoke openly about, as it would have an impact on all three of them. There was a mutual understanding that marriage was in their future, but the proposal still came as a surprise.

The couple had plans to go skydiving with friends who “coincidentally” backed out at the last minute. “I’m not sure if it was Ceasar’s nerves or his carefree attitude,” Bobby shares, “but the night prior, we decided to have a few cocktails – which, in hindsight, we absolutely do not recommend.” During their skydiving adventure, Bobby was feeling the aftermath of the previous night and completely missed the sign Ceasar had set up that read, “MARRY ME?” The moment ended with him plummeting to the ground and being totally disoriented, with the parachute landing on top of him. Today, the couple’s moral of the story is: “Don’t drink before skydiving. But if you do, you might get a husband.”

A year and a half later, Bobby and Ceasar hosted an intimate destination wedding in Mexico. The wedding planning process had its struggles, as neither of the grooms speak Spanish fluently; but luckily, Sugar Branch Events was on board as their wedding planner, assisting them along the way.

For the grooms, everything about their wedding day was perfect. They had booked a large house on the beach that slept 25 of their guests and doubled as the location for their ceremony and reception. The wedding was officiated by Bobby’s best friend, Anne, and the ceremony was filled with laughs, tears, and vows that included the ten things Bobby and Ceasar love most about each other. Most importantly, Noah was smiling in the front row as the three of them officially became a new family.

The reception included a beautiful dinner, the grooms dancing under the stars to Mariah Carey, and a surprise choreographed dance Ceasar performed with his friends. By the end of the night, guests were indulging in ice cream and churros, jumping into the pool, and warming up by bonfires on the beach.

>Written By: Lauren Malamala

Floral and Event Design, Planner: Sugar Branch Events Costa Mesa, CA; Engagement Rings: David Yurman;