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Lorna Velasquez & Paulo Peroni

April 5, 2017. Moorea, French Polynesia

Paul Peroni is from Argentina – a beautiful country with Tango and roasted meats. Lorna Velasquez hails from Bolivia, where historic folklore and landscapes reign supreme. Quite serendipitously, the two met in Chile, where they were living for professional reasons.
Thanks to some mutual friends from Venezuela, Lorna and Paul were introduced during a dinner in Santiago de Chile, where they immediately connected over a night of conversation. Thus, their romantic and passionate love story began.
Two years later, the couple was enjoying a picnic by the Champs de Mars, under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Paul pulled out an engagement ring, asking Lorna if she would share the rest of his life with him, and she tearfully accepted. Having enjoyed a full year of being engaged, Lorna and Paul began their wedding planning process with the vision of enjoying a relaxed and welcoming celebration with their closest friends. This included a beach-themed cocktail party in Chile, followed by a flight to Moorea that same day for an intimate wedding reception.
Anticipation grew during that plane ride to Moorea, where a canoe filled with tropical flowers picked up the bride and groom and transported them to a private island. As Polynesian music filled the air, an intimate ceremony was held to the tunes of a ukulele and drums – a truly magical moment for everyone in attendance. Filled with Polynesian traditions, a priest also baptized the groom as “Tehere” during the ceremony, meaning “love” in Tahitian. As sunset approached, the newlyweds took advantage of the light with a stunning photo session amidst the tropical landscape and turquoise sea. 
Lorna and Paul’s wedding experience culminated in a dream honeymoon in Bora Bora filled with snorkeling, sea life, and incomparable ocean views. To this day, they reminisce about their time in the South Pacific, and plan on telling their children why their wedding rings are inscribed with “Tehere.”
>Written by: Lauren Malamala

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Lorna Velasquez and Paulo Peroni