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The Haus of Glass

Evgenia Hankenhof & Savva Damalos

November 25, 2017. Tarpon Springs, Florida

Nia and Savva have been together since they were 15-years-old. Like most young couples, the two teenagers had their share of ups and downs, and the Spring Bayou in Tarpon Springs was their spot where they would “break up as well as get back together.” No matter how many times things ended, it seemed they’d always start back up again.
“I would always think about how Savva would someday propose, and the bayou always came to mind,” Nia recollects. “It would be perfect spot to wrap up our past and start our next journey together – our forever journey.” As if he knew exactly what she wanted, Savva ended up proposing where Nia had wished. “The bayou wasn’t always the perfect place for us, but it was our place and it had so much meaning behind it,” she explains. “It was the perfect place for us and our story.”
The wedding planning process was fun yet exhausting, with an enormous guest list of 980 people. Even the bridal party consisted of 18 bridesmaids, 18 groomsmen, 5 flower girls, 1 mini bride, 2 miniature grooms, 1 ring bearer, 1 tray bearer, and 3 Koumbari. Nia called the shots when it came to the décor, envisioning an all-white wedding with gold accents, lush greenery, and a feeling of classic romance. Large crystal chandeliers hung above the reception, and the entire space was draped from head to toe. A violinist performed during cocktail hour and dinner, and the bride’s in-laws flew three singers in from Greece for the evening’s entertainment. 
“It was literally My Big Fat Greek Wedding!” Nia states. “I woke up that morning so happy and full of love and being surrounded by all friends and family from the beginning – nothing could break my smile. That day for us was full of love and pure joy. I wasn’t just marrying the love of my life; I was marrying my best friend. We are lucky enough to have found each other so early, and we made it work.”
After the wedding, the newlyweds spent three weeks honeymooning in Australia, New Zealand, and San Francisco.
>Written by: Lauren Malamala
Wedding Dress: Inbal Dror; Bridal Salon: Chic Parisian Miami, FL; Groom's Attire: Hugo Boss;

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Evgenia Hankenhof & Savva Damalos