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Danielle Tarnofsky & Jason Amirian

February 21, 2015 in New York, New York

Danielle Tarnofsky was first introduced to Jason Amirian through his younger brother, Justin. Having met in college, Justin always mentioned wanting to set Danielle up with his other brother; and six months after graduating, Jason asked her out on a date. The pair met at a charming jazz bar in New York City’s West Village and ended up closing down the place.

“I was automatically attracted to him, his outgoing personality, and his zest for life,” Danielle describes. “Jay and I dated for about a year and a half, and if there was one thing I learned about him during that time, it’s how surprise and adventure are second nature to him.”

After graduating from college, Danielle had been working at CBS Television Network. Jay reached out to her boss, a major executive in the industry, and the two spent the next few months planning a special proposal. Danielle was told she would be working on an important board dinner for the CEO of CBS at the Algonquin Hotel on a Thursday evening. Several co-workers were also privy to the upcoming proposal in order to make the whole plan seem realistic.

That Thursday, she arrived at the hotel and was riding up in the elevator, repeating the names of the executives in her head. When she stepped out and opened the board room door, there was Jay – sitting at the head of the table in a three-piece suit with tequila, just how Danielle likes it.

“To be completely honest, my first reaction was ‘What are you doing here, this isn’t funny, you are so annoying’,” Danielle says. “I had spoken to Jay several times throughout the day and he knew I was working an event that evening; so I thought, in true Jay fashion, that he was just surprising me because he was in the area. Little did I know he was getting down on one knee and popping the question.”

The wedding planning process was relatively simple – mainly because of the couples’ incredible families, but also because of their talented wedding planner. At first, Danielle and Jay toyed with the idea of having a destination wedding; but once their dream wedding venue in New York became available on a Saturday night in the winter, the same weekend that Danielle’s parents were married 25 years beforehand, it sealed the deal.

For the ceremony, the bride and groom decided on a traditional, classic, all-white décor scheme. The ballroom, however, was more edgy. Wanting something unique and different, a black and gold color palette was chosen and red roses hung from the ceiling, creating a stunning ambiance.

“From start to finish, our wedding day – as well as our wedding weekend – was simply magical,” says the bride. “It was a day that truly felt like a dream. There was so much love and excitement that it lit up the room.”

>Written By: Lauren Malamala

Location: The Pierre, a Taj Hotel, New York New York, NY; Planner: Barbara Esses New York, NY; Floral Design: SBK Event Design New York, NY; Wedding Dress and Veil: Vera Wang ;

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Danielle Tarnofsky & Jason Amirian

February 21, 2015 in New York, New York

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