Photography by
Christian Arevalo

Adriana Joseph & Jacques Holzmann

July 7, 2018. Miami Beach, Florida

Wedding Dress: Ines Di Santo

It was June of 2015 when Adriana Joseph and Jacques Holzmann first met. Adriana was working with Jacques’ sister Stephanie at HBO Latin America at the time; and after a few months of being friends, Stephanie decided to introduce her brother to Adriana. All it took was one “Sunday Funday” party and Jacques’ best friend Ruzy serving as a wingman for Adriana and Jacques to be set up on their first date.

“He was a little hard to read at first,” Adriana recalls, “but right away I could tell he loves to entertain. He’s the life of the party, loves his friends and family, and he is very smart, handsome, and ambitious.”

In August 2017, Adriana and Jacques were on holiday in Anguilla, celebrating their two-year anniversary. They were staying at Four Seasons Anguilla, where Jacques had set up a beautiful surprise – a sunset proposal on a private deck overlooking the water, complete with a champagne toast and a photographer standing by to capture the moment. “After a series of comically stressful incidents for Jacques, he overcame his nerves, got down on one knee and asked me, ‘Will you make me the happiest man in the world?’,” Adriana shares. “Several tears of joy later, we were blissfully engaged.”

“The wedding planning process definitely had its overwhelming moments for us,” she continues. “Jacques comes from a Brazilian-Jewish background, and I am Puerto Rican-Catholic. Deciding on a structure for our ceremony and different, unique ways to integrate our cultures made for some exciting – and at times, challenging – conversations. We had an amazing team of planners, Nicole and Arianna from Plan Design Events, who helped us through the entire process. They were super detail-oriented like us, and everything came out exactly as we wanted.”

When the wedding day arrived, the bride and groom were filled with feelings of excitement. Nerves eventually set in, but after a few sips of champagne for Adriana and whiskey for Jacques, it was back to excitement and anticipation for the party.

“The ambiance of the wedding reception was, in one word, magical,” says the bride. “Everything about the room was ‘us’ and everything, down to the smallest details, were what we had envisioned and discussed with Plan Design. Nicole created perfection in every detail. The elegant tropical flair, the greenery in the room, the gold accents, the lighting, music, dessert table – even the bathroom vanity kits – were perfection. PD planted banana trees with cascading Phalaenopsis orchids in the middle of the tables with custom velvet linens. The bar had a landscaped backdrop and the other tables had planted gardens. Everything was stunning, especially the custom sticker for the dance floor. We also brought traditional sweets from Brazil.”

After weighing several honeymoon destination options, the newlyweds unanimously decided to return to the place where their wedding journey began – Anguilla. Adriana says, “That island is beyond special to us and we enjoyed an incredible week of pure relaxation, delicious food, stunning beaches, and positive vibes. The most memorable part was eating all the things we had gone months without having – fried food, pizza, pasta, and endless desserts.

>Written By: Lauren Malamala

Wedding Dress: Ines Di Santo; Bridal Salon: Chic Parisien Coral Gables, FL;