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Ether and Smith

Rasa Laiwejpitaya & Nicolas Greilsamer

September 2, 2017. Tuscany, Italy

Planner and Event Design: Weddings In Tuscany Tuscany, Italy; Wedding Dress: Yolan Cris

Nat and Nico met eight years ago during their last year of university in London. “Initially we were friends, but we’ve been inseparable pretty much from the very first days,” Nat states.

Four years later, during what Nat thought was a regular date night, Nico decided to pop the question. “To throw me off the scent, we went to a restaurant that was completely dark – as in no lights whatsoever, with visually impaired staff leading us to our table,” Nat describes. “It was quite an unusual experience, which we laughed about later over drinks. Nico then surprised me by saying we’d be spending the night at the Claridge's hotel, which at first startled me as I didn’t have any of my belongings. But once we made it into the candlelit room with rose petals laid out and champagne on ice, I knew there was only one question Nico was about to ask. I could barely contain the YES!”

Nat and Nico are originally from opposite sides of the world and, between them, grew up in six different countries. Since guests would be traveling in from around the globe, they decided to choose a location that would provide a memorable destination wedding experience for everyone involved. “Tuscany had a special place in our hearts,” explains Nat. “We had travelled there together before and loved everything from its rolling hills, cypress-lined country roads, medieval hilltop villages, comfort cuisine, and of course the wine.”

After a few trips to the region with their wedding planner, Chiara, the couple decided that Castello la Leccia would be their main wedding venue. Food was of the utmost importance during the wedding planning process, so the restaurants and caterer were carefully selected to highlight Italy’s regional Tuscan cuisine. There were also personalized touches woven throughout the celebration, such as a welcome box for guests to set the right tone for the wedding weekend.

“All the wedding planning, however, didn’t ensure a stress-free time leading up to the wedding, as the weather forecast suggested it would rain on our big day,” the bride adds. “Nevertheless, we pushed ahead with the original plan. We were so lucky that the afternoon was so beautiful, and the rain held out just long enough for us to finish an al fresco dinner under the stars, and the fireworks before it started pouring down. When the rain stopped for a few minutes, we jumped at the chance to get our first dance in, and our guests were quick to join us. The rain started again, but at this point everyone wanted to keep dancing, so we partied in the rain and just kept going! This was probably our most special moment of the wedding.”

An epic destination wedding in Tuscany was followed by a three-week honeymoon in Fiji and Australia for the newlyweds. The highlight of their trip? Taking a helicopter ride over a heart-shaped reef and snorkelling around Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef.

 >Written by: Lauren Malamala

Planner and Event Design: Weddings in Tuscany Tuscany, Italy; Wedding Dress: Yolan Cris;

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Rasa Laiwejpitaya & Nicolas Greilsamer