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Gharam Jamjoom & Hashem Zawawi

April 7, 2017. Long Island City, New York

Location: The Foundry Long Island City, NY; Planner and Lighting: Eventique New York, NY; Floral and Event Design, Linen: Birch Event Design Brooklyn, NY; Wedding Dress: Ines Di Santo; Groom’s Attire: Dior & Lanvin;                            
When Gharam Jamjoon and Hashem Zawawi first met at Salheya Beach in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, they were attracted to each other instantly. “Our attraction to each other was magnetic,” Gharam recalls. “I loved his style. It’s in our nature to play a little hard to get, so that played into our chemistry as we were dating.”
Ever the romantic, Hashem first asked Gharam’s family for permission to marry her. He knew exactly where their engagement would take place – at the same location where they had met, but this time, with a ring and a beautiful sunset. The proposal was a complete surprise for Gharam, but the moment couldn’t have been more perfect. 
The wedding planning process took place from abroad, as Gharam’s mother worked with Eventique and Birch Event Design to create the couple’s dream wedding in the United States. From the décor to the food, each detail felt uniquely personal to the bride and groom.
Gharam and Hashem’s New York wedding took place at The Foundry, directly overlooking the Manhattan skyline with ivy-covered courtyards, industrial beams, and raw, mock-subway interiors. While the big day was overwhelming, the bride and groom both felt that they were able to connect with each other and their loved ones throughout the celebration. “There was so much excitement, happiness, and joy; we were just filled with pride,” says the bride. 
It was an emotional moment when the bride’s father walked her down the aisle and she met her husband at the end, and it meant the world for the couple to have family who traveled from the Middle East to celebrate their love. There were unexpected visitors and surprises as well. During a photo session outside the venue, the newlyweds were posing in front of a taxi cab when a passenger stuck his head out and congratulated them. Laughing, they invited him to join the wedding, and they eventually became friends.  
To this day, friends and family members continue to reminisce about Hashem and Gharam’s wedding day. “It was out of this world,” says Gharam, “so overwhelming and beyond beautiful.”
The couple’s honeymoon was a whirlwind trip that included stops in Vegas, Mexico, Washington D.C., and Miami.
>Written by: Lauren Malamala

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Gharam Jamjoom & Hashem Zawawi