Photography by
Genevieve de Manio Photography

Cassandra Robinson & Andrew Nollmann

June 24, 2017. New York, New York

Wedding Dress: Peter Langner; Bridal Salon: Mark Ingram Atelier New York, NY;

Cassie and Andrew met at a typical setting for college sophomores at Southern Methodist University – at a beer pong table. “Although Andrew was painfully bad at beer pong (I made nine cups and he made only one… maybe), I remember being immediately captivated by his icy blue eyes,” Cassie recalls. “He was also polite and a little shy. I had to ask him if he wanted my number and I forcibly added it to his phone.”

Fast forward into their relationship, and the couple found themselves on safari with Andrew’s family in Kenya. “We returned to our camp after a long day of being out in the bush, and there were candles all along the path that lead to our private tent,” Cassie describes. “We then entered our tent and there was the most beautiful, romantic set up. A bath was drawn in the stunning copper tub that was situated in the middle of our tent, and of course, there were many more candles scattered about. There was also a bottle of champagne conveniently sitting by the tub as well. I remember my heart started pounding and I began to think, ‘This is it, this is it.’ But Andrew did not get down on one knee. He just proceeded to change, open the champagne, and put some music on as if this was just another one of his romantic nights. We ultimately got in the bath and were enjoying our glasses of champagne when Andrew pulled out a ring box from behind the tub's faucet and said, ‘Will you make me the happiest man in the world?’ I was incredibly shocked and elated! I also refused to try the ring on in the bath. I was shaking and too excited and did not want to risk dropping my new ring down the drain!”

When the wedding day arrived, 124 guests gathered for a beautifully intimate celebration. “Andrew and I wanted it to be intimate, and I’m thankful that I was able to speak with every one of our guests,” explains the bride. “I also work in the art world and wanted our venue to be some sort of cultural institution, so when my mother-in-law and I first saw the Museum of the City of New York, we fell in love. The museum has so many different rooms and corridors, and we took advantage of each one for different aspects of the wedding.”

As one of the stars of their special day, Marvin – the couple’s 90-pound Golden Retriever – was dressed in a tuxedo tie and did his part in posing and behaving perfectly for their Central Park photo session. He also walked down the aisle and sat patiently throughout the ceremony. “Our friend Collin Quigley also read a poem in our ceremony entitled, ‘How Falling in Love is like Owning a Dog,’” the bride adds. “The poem was so sweet and highlighted an aspect of Andrew and I’s relationship that is very special to us – our first born!”

Cassie and Andrew spent their honeymoon in St. Barth’s, enjoying the island’s beaches, restaurants, and a private catamaran for a romantic sunset cruise.

>Written by: Lauren Malamala

Wedding Dress: Peter Langner; Bridal Salon: Mark Ingram Atelier New York, NY;