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Bindu Pirlamarla & Daniel York

May 28, 2017. Seattle, Washington

Bindu Pirlamarla and Daniel York met in July of 2013 through their mutual friend – the internet. “After a few messages back and forth, we decided to meet for dinner,” Bindu recalls. “Danny picked Black Bottle in Belltown since we both loved wine. The energy was infectious, and we both didn’t want to stop talking and joking with each other. We continued the date with a walk around Belltown. Two days later, we had our second date and the rest was history!”
During a weekend trip to Victoria, BC, Danny had plans to surprise his then-girlfriend with a romantic proposal. Unfortunately, his plan was foiled when Bindu accidentally stumbled upon a text from her sister’s phone, detailing what Danny had in store. Not being a fan of surprises, Bindu tried to get her sister to reveal the full story, which Danny eventually found out.
“The day before Danny and I were set to leave, he decided to kick off the weekend celebration with a nice date night,” Bindu explains. “He had suggested we go out for wine and ended up at Black Bottle (which he had planned). Danny had reserved the same table where we had our first date, got down on one knee, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.”
Priya from Premini Events took the lead during the wedding planning process, saving the couple a great deal of time, energy, and stress during their pre-wedding experience. This led to a traditional South Indian Hindu wedding ceremony, which is typically performed in Sanskrit. Wanting the audience to be able to follow along, the bride and groom created custom booklets that explained each step of the ceremony. They also included a tradition from Danny’s family – reciting vows they had written to each other.
“For me and my husband, we knew we basically wanted to get three things out of our wedding celebration,” says the bride. “Make sure that everybody is fed well – it was a South Indian wedding and a destination wedding for most; make the space look incredible and unique, but still resonate with our style; and lastly, have an incredible dance party!”
The newlyweds began their new life together with a romantic honeymoon in Maui, staying at the Fairmont and enjoying the fresh poke and scenery.
>Written by: Lauren Malamala 
Planner: Premini Events New York, NY;

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Bindu Pirlamarla and Daniel York