Photography by
Elisha Orin

Allyson King & Dominic Smith

November 22, 2014 in St. John, United States Virgin Islands

Allyson King and Dominic Smith would run into each other at work in the cafeteria or work-related events. “Dom would look my way but never say anything,” says Ally “until finally, one day in the cafeteria I said, 'hello' and smiled and our friendship began from there.”

From the beginning, Ally felt like she found a great friend in Dom. He was fun to be around, easy to talk to, liked to laugh, dance and try new things. What Ally found most interesting was that she could never look at him eye-to-eye for long because she “felt” something.  “I guess it scared me a bit!” says Ally. “Could this be the one? Nah! But years later, after traveling together from Napa, to New Orleans, to Cambodia, enjoying a variety of music festivals, cooking together, crying together, laughing together, I have no doubts that he is the one for me.”

Dom recalls “our first conversation from the bagel station at work to the elevator I knew I had to see her again.” In that five-minute conversation he sensed someone who wanted adventure and desired life outside the norm, which was right up his alley.  He admits daydreaming about the two of them taking exotic scuba diving trips around the world. Soon after, they would spend their time cooking together, long nights talking, and wanting to see the world together. “For the first time in my life I said 'I want her to be the mother of my children,' oh! And my wife too,” laughs Dom.  

Five years into the relationship Dom put a ring on Ally’s finger.

It was Ally’s birthday weekend and they decided to stay in a hotel in the city with their eleven-month old daughter, Skylar.  It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. They were supposed to go to the Zoo but decided to go to Bloomingdales and the Metropolitan Museum. While in the store, Dom decided to change Sky’s diaper. Ally didn’t think anything of it.  After doing some window-shopping, they taxied over to the MET.  In the Museum, Dom said that he didn’t think Sky’s diaper was on correctly.  So, they stopped, sat at the bench, and as he was fixing her diaper, he was also pulling up her shirt to reveal a custom designed onesie that said, “Will you marry my Daddy?” while he held the ring in his hand. Ally exclaimed, “Yes!” with exuberance.

The couple traveled to St. John for the first time in November 2013 and fell in love with the island, its beaches and the people. As they started thinking about where to have their wedding, St. John was so beautiful they wanted their friends and family to experience the “island of love” too. 

They felt like November was the perfect time of year to have the wedding; right between the end of hurricane season and right before high season. They decided on a venue and then chose their vendors for flowers, entertainment, etc.

The morning of the wedding it was pouring rain. “I was sending all the prayers to God that day,” says Ally “asking for a break in the weather. I was anxious! No matter how many times I heard, 'rain is good luck' I wanted the rain to stop.” 

Ally spoke to their wedding planner early that morning who told her that she was working on alternate ceremony locations as a backup but they would make a final decision by early afternoon.  Early afternoon came and it was still raining. Ally decided to go for it and take her chances with having the ceremony on the beach. “I am so glad I did!” she quips. “By three in the afternoon it cleared up and we were able to have the sunset ceremony I always dreamed of.”

The reception was magical. The interior of Virgin Fire with the exposed rock walls juxtaposed with the amber glow of candles, vibrant fuchsias, reds, and blues in the floral arrangements and gold sequin table runners over crisp white linens.  The table decor was perfect and just how Ally had envisioned it.  At each place setting, there were custom wedding CD favors with the couple’s favorite love songs. They wanted this CD to forever remind guests of the time they shared with them on such a special day.  Their signature drink, painkiller were served during the cocktail hour along with passed hors-d’oeuvres. With open bar and a great DJ, the rest of the night was just as Ally and Dom wanted; a full blown party. The night ended with a sparkler send-off.

As a bride who lost her mother at fifteen,” remarks Ally, “I knew I was going to be emotional on my wedding day not having her there to be a part of this occasion. Surprisingly, there was a peace that I felt and knew she was smiling above, happy for our union.  The day could not have been more perfect—rain and all! It worked out the way it was supposed to and for that, I could not have been more pleased.”

For their honeymoon, Ally and Dom stayed a few extra days in St. John with Sky and their nanny. They were able to have some quiet moments and date nights as husband and wife.

Location and Caterer: Virgin Fire St. John, USVI; Event Design, Planner and Linen: Island Style Weddings St. John, USVI; Floral Design: Roses Too St. Thomas, USVI; Stationery: Bleu Collar Paperie;
Wedding Dress and Bride’s Shoes: BHLDN; Groom’s Tuxedo: Eredi Pisano; Groom’s Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo;