Valeria del Rey & Carlos Andreu

November 29, 2019. Valle Guadalupe, Mexico

An Intimate Destination Wedding in Valle Guadalupe, Mexico

Valeria del Rey and Carlos Andreu knew of each other long before they officially met. Carlos’s cousin is Valeria’s father’s godson, and their families are very good friends. Purely by chance, the two finally met face to face while studying in Washington, DC and being in the same International Business class.

“My initial impression of Carlos was that he was very handsome, quiet, organized, smart, and an introvert,” Valeria recalls. “I'm, on the other hand, the complete opposite so I was definitely intrigued to get to know him more.”

“I had no idea who she was – just kidding!” Carlos jokes. “Before we took that International Business class together, I met Valeria when I was a freshman, and she was visiting the school. She actually took a nap in my dorm and I barely knew her, which was weird but cute. My first impression of Valeria was that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my entire life. She was also extremely energetic and very smart and funny. I knew we would make a good team.”

Carlos and Valeria spent the next six years together with three of those years being in a long-distance relationship, as Carlos was studying law in Chicago and Valeria was attending grad school in Italy. After graduating in the summer, they both decided to move back home to Puerto Rico. Since they love traveling together and exploring new places, the couple ventured to a beach town on the island for what Valeria assumed would be a typical weekend getaway. That’s where Carlos decided to propose, making for a surreal engagement experience that they can only remember as a blissful blur.

The couple decided to get married via an intimate destination wedding in Valle Guadalupe, Mexico. As two wine lovers who have traveled to vineyards around the world, Mexico’s wine region of Valle Guadalupe tops the list as their favorite.

“Our wedding felt very organic and easy,” shares Valeria. “Let’s just say that a lot of things went wrong but in the end, we laughed it off. Our wedding planner broke his leg the day before the wedding. The master of ceremonies was not able to attend at the last minute, so Carlos’s cousin improvised and officialized the wedding. The venue was outside, and it was raining and chilly. But ten minutes before the ceremony the sun came out! There are so many special moments that happened during that day, but my favorite one was laughing with my husband while getting our photos taken. There was no one around except us and the photographer and it was honestly the best time. On the wedding day, you’re so busy trying to spend time with everyone but those few minutes by ourselves were definitely the best. We had time to laugh and talk and tell each other everything that had happened earlier that day.”

The bride and groom’s intimate destination wedding had a guest list of 90 people, surrounding them with their closest family and friends. With everyone being so close, the ambiance was relaxed, easygoing, and – most importantly – fun.

“We made sure that everyone felt welcomed and part of the party, even our amazing staff and team that made it all happen,” says Valeria. “The reception was not over the top. It was simple, authentic, and represented the essence of our relationship. We danced to the tunes of Bill Withers, Billy Joel, and some Latino artists with the people Carlos and I cherish most in our lives.”

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Valeria del Rey & Carlos Andreu

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>An Intimate Destination Wedding in Valle Guadalupe, Mexico

“There are so many special moments that happened during that day, but my favorite one was laughing with my husband while getting our photos taken.”

November 29, 2019. Valle Guadalupe, Mexico