Photography by

Nilda Fidalgo & Emanuel Goncalves

March 7, 2019. Santorini, Greece

An Intimate Destination Wedding in Santorini at Santo Winery 

Dress: Pallas Couture; Groom’s Attire: Versace; Event Design: Nilda Fidalgo

Both Nilda Fidalgo and Emanuel Goncalves’ families were born and raised on the island of Cape Verde. As such, their parents were friends growing up, making it rather easy for Nilda and Manny to meet. When Manny moved to the neighborhood where Nilda is from, the two were introduced by a family member, marking the beginning of their love story. Nilda fell in love with Manny’s smile and personality; he was someone who was not only good looking, but also came from a good family. Manny loved how Nilda was very outgoing and fun to be around. With their culture being very strict, the couple actually had to keep their relationship a secret. Nevertheless, they have been together for years and are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters.

On Valentine’s Day of 2017, Manny set up dinner reservations with Nilda and their daughters. They went out to one of their favorite restaurants and enjoyed the night. Once dessert was served, Manny announced that he had something special to share. He continued with a speech about how his family is amazing, and how he considers Nilda to be his best friend. Manny then opened a self-lit box and noticed the priceless look on Nilda’s face when she realized an engagement was taking place. The feeling in his heart was unexplainable.

The couple loves to travel, so they knew from the beginning that they were going to host a destination wedding. It took nearly eight months to finally sit down and decide on a wedding location, but they finally chose the exquisite Greek isle of Santorini. Neither Nilda nor Manny expected a large group of people to fly out from Boston to Santorini, but that didn’t stop them from planning an intimate destination wedding in Santorini for those who could make it. As it turned out, 120 guests were able to attend, which made for an incredible celebration. 

When the big day arrived, the bride and groom got ready in a suite at the El Greco Hotel. The ceremony was perfectly timed for 6 p.m., which meant saying “I do” at Santo Winery with an exquisite sunset and Santorini’s breathtaking views in the background.

“I married the man of my dreams on July 7, 2019,” says Nilda. “There were so many beautiful touches and décor. The feeling I had that day walking down the aisle was indescribable. The views of Santorini seemed so unreal. Our honeymoon was in Ibiza, Spain. Although we definitely want to visit Ibiza again, nothing compares to Santorini.”