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Myriam Dreyfus & Ari Dach

March 15, 2020, Miami, FL

An Elegant and Understated Wedding at Deering Estate in Miami, Florida

Location: Deering Estate Miami, FL; Planning: Carrie Zack Events; Event & Floral Design: J Group Events Miami, FL; Linens: Nuage Designs

Having gone on several blind dates, Myriam Dreyfus didn’t have high hopes when she was set up with Ari Dach by mutual friends in June of 2015. After nearly cancelling, she decided to meet Ari for a drink in Soho and was pleasantly surprised by the tall, handsome man who arrived.

“He was sweet but sort of quiet, and I wasn’t sure it would go anywhere,” Myriam recalls. “But by our third date, things really took off. In summer 2018, we took a trip to the West Coast that he had been talking about since we started dating. After three days of rafting in Oregon, we drove to Napa. On the second day there, we got up at 5 a.m. to go see the sunrise and the hot air balloons flying overhead from a park viewpoint. The sky was overcast, so there was no sunrise nor hot air balloons; but Ari got down on one knee and said the magic words: ‘Will you continue this adventure with me?’”

Myriam wanted to have an outdoor wedding and Ari is from Florida, so Miami was the perfect destination for their big day. “With weddings nowadays getting ever more elaborate, it was important to us to make sure the wedding didn’t get bigger than us,” Myriam adds. “We chose a naturally beautiful venue that wouldn’t need too much dressing up, and the goal was to create a vibe that complemented the surroundings. We made (I think) relatively understated décor decisions, such as using very few flowers, and Jassi pulled the elements together to create a huge impact.”

As if wedding planning wasn’t stressful enough, the coronavirus pandemic started taking over the news a mere two weeks before the couple’s wedding date. Four days before the wedding, Myriam and Ari discussed cancelling. At the time, however, there were less than ten cases in the state of Florida, and some wedding guests had already arrived. So, they decided to move forward.

“Those days before the wedding were incredibly difficult and frustrating,” Myriam recalls. “Over half our guests had to cancel, including some of our closest family and friends. All the stress evaporated when I got into the car to get to the venue with my mum and sister heading to Deering. It was a perfectly sunny day and I just could not wait to marry Ari.”

Despite the initial setbacks, the bride and groom were married under a stunning chuppah with a bright blue sky, palm trees, and the ocean as their backdrop. When it was time to party, everyone gathered for a tented reception with mirrored tables and glittering candlelight.

“Nothing enhances a party like amazing food and specialty cocktails,” says the bride. “The feeling of joy and love was palpable as we danced the night away. The crazy circumstances around the wedding made it all the more special that so many people still made the effort to celebrate the night with us. One couple even drove down from New York with their five-month-old just to be with us. Shortly after the wedding, Miami shut down due to COVID. We had a trip booked to the Keys before returning to New York which we had to cancel, but not many couples get to have a three-month honeymoon locked down with their parents and in-laws! We live far away from our parents so thanks to coronavirus, we actually got some nice family time out of it!  All in all, we are so happy that we were able to go through with the wedding and that we have those magical memories to propel us forward into wedded life.”

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Myriam Dreyfus & Ari Dach

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>An Elegant and Understated Wedding at Deering Estate in Miami, Florida

“The feeling of joy and love was palpable.”

March 15, 2020, Miami, FL