Photography by
Luvrox Photography

Lucila Tijman & Daniel Herrington

March 16, 2019. Miami Beach, Florida

Location, Caterer, and Cake: Faena Hotel Miami Beach Miami Beach, FL; Floral and Event Design: Always Flowers & Events Miami, FL; Wedding Dress: Zuhair Murad

Lucila Tijman and Daniel Herrington met after they moved to New York City to pursue their dream careers. Little did they know that they’d find themselves in a beautiful dream of their own – one that came true when they fell in love and set off on a new life together.

When they met four years ago, Lucila was advancing in the fashion industry while Daniel was hustling as a software entrepreneur. She was immediately taken by his Southern charm and quick wit, and he was drawn to her striking red hair and radiant personality.

Their journey to find one another began in very different places. Lucila was born in Argentina, and Daniel is a native Mississippian. While their origins may seem worlds apart, the couple found that their cultures blended harmoniously in ways that still delight them. Since the day they met, they’ve been on a path of discovery that has deepened their appreciation for one another, their shared values, and their heritage.

Three years after they met, Daniel knew it was time to express his intentions to Lucila. Given the couple’s respect for the importance of family, he ensured that their parents would experience the milestone with them.

On March 16, 2018, almost everything went as planned: Daniel met Lucila in City Hall Park in downtown Manhattan on her walk home from work and greeted her by dropping to one knee and presenting her with a ring, along with a proposal that she accepted with exuberance. They found out later that a friend Daniel had asked to photograph the moment got held up on the subway, so a bystander gladly filled in.

When they returned to their apartment, Lucila was pleasantly surprised to see her parents as well as Daniel’s, who showered them with congratulations and joyful embraces. That evening, they were treated to a celebratory dinner where they toasted the good times to come.

Exactly one year later, Lucila, Daniel, and their families gathered in Miami for an oceanside wedding at Faena Hotel on Miami Beach. A graduate of University of Miami, Lucila knew the city would provide the perfect backdrop and atmosphere for their nuptials while Daniel’s love of dinosaurs would be fulfilled by the Damien Hirst gold-plated woolly mammoth art piece.

The couple exchanged vows in a beach front ceremony combining Jewish and Christian traditions, then enjoyed a reception at the Faena Forum followed by dinner, music, and dancing into the early hours. They weren’t sure how many wedding parties could jump so effortlessly from country music to reggaeton to everything in between, but their cross-cultural Miami celebration nailed it perfectly! The reception finished with an explosion of confetti and a traditional La Hora Loca to parade the party back to the main Faena Hotel for an after party at the Faena Theatre.

After the wedding, the two took a short “mini-moon” to their favorite resort in Turks and Caicos, where they first traveled just a few months into their relationship. For their official honeymoon, they’re going on an African safari in Kenya during the annual Great Migration this summer.


Location, Caterer, and Cake: Faena Hotel Miami Beach Miami Beach, FL; Floral and Event Design: Always Flowers & Events Miami, FL; Wedding Dress: Zuhair Murad; Groom’s Attire: Theory;