Wedding Cakes

What have you envisioned your wedding cake to look like? Today, skilled pastry chefs will surpass your every expectation. If you can imagine it, they will create it. In fact, they can create cakes that can surpass your imagination. Elevating their craft to an art form that extends far beyond simply baking, pastry chefs are creating wedding cakes that are architectural marvels and truly edible works of art.

Cake is the centerpiece for many happy celebrations and weddings lend themselves to making the cake a focal point at the wedding reception; especially when that focal point becomes a conversation piece. From an elegant off-white two tiered creation adorned with colorful bursts of fresh flowers to an elaborate towering masterpiece where every tier is draped with a handcrafted lace pattern that resembles the wedding gown, the wedding cake is an opportunity to showcase a confectionary delight that guests will admire and appreciate. With an array of rich flavors and moist fillings, it can be as delightfully tasteful as it is visually stunning.