Tabletop Decor

Simply put, from a perspective of décor, wedding reception tabletops are the heart of an event. They lend themselves as a blank canvas for designers to add strokes of color and texture, weave visual patterns and, in many ways, to tell a story. They can be centered around a given theme such as a story book ball or relate to a destination location and resemble a tropical paradise.

Combining flowers, vases, linens, china, glassware and silverware the tabletop is a designer’s playground for resourcefulness and creativity to explode. Wedding Tabletops create atmosphere and set a tone. Taking into consideration the space of the reception, indoors, outdoors or under a tent, they can be opulent and posh, stark and simple or anything in-between. They can be uniform or they can be completely different from each other. Arrangements may vary in height and color as tables may vary in shape such as round, square or rectangular. 

Browse our inspiration galleries of wedding tabletops featuring a variety of styles and ideas from the top floral and event designers around the world to help you create the tabletop design for your wedding reception.