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With all the planning and preparations surrounding a couple’s wedding day, creating a gift registry is one of those checklist items that often falls to the wayside. Ideally, wedding gifts are mementos that represent one of the happiest days in a couple’s life together, and it takes a great deal of thought to compile the perfect registry.

After noticing how many brides and grooms were “wasting” their registries, either listing items they didn’t truly want or forgoing the tradition altogether, wedding planner Jung Leeand her husband Josh set out to create Slowdance—a luxury registry service curating a completely customized gift list based on their clients’ lifestyles and personal tastes.

Jung’s experience in planning and designing weddings has given her a sort of sixth sense in terms of what a couple will need and want. “Through my lens, I get to see what couples are doing,” she explains. “The way we go about wedding planning is lifestyle first. I want to imagine how a couple lives and compile a custom registry based on that vision. I think each wedding registry is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you really have to think it through.”

“Our clients would talk to us about creating their registries and how they just wanted to ‘get it over with,’” Josh adds. “When it was over, they would always complain about what they received. A lot of couples don’t even know where to start, and it doesn’t have meaning for them. That’s where we injected ourselves.”

With a showroom in New York, the Slowdance process begins with an online quiz to get a preliminary sense of a couple’s style, followed by a phone call to learn more about their lifestyle and design preferences—both, as individuals and as a couple. “At Slowdance, every couple has a dedicated registry expert who customizes a collection of products ranging in brand names and price points,” Jung describes. “It’s what a great stylist would do when putting together a full wardrobe for a man or woman. It’s not one brand; it’s a collection with layers of wonderful interest and personalization.”

When it comes to selecting the products and designers they carry, Jung and Josh often travel around the globe for inspiration, focusing on quality and value instead of brand names. Of course, the Slowdance inventory includes top designers like Anna Weatherley, Baccarat and Hermès, but they also stock smaller producers with unique products ranging in styles from modern to traditional to boho and glam.

While Jung acknowledges certain key essentials for any wedding registry—gorgeous picture frames being one of them—each gift list is tailored to a couple’s specific needs, rather than following a carbon copy approach. “People call us and send us pictures of dinner parties and say, ‘Our house is equipped with everything we ever wanted,’” says Josh. “It’s like night and day compared to what other people’s registries are, and it’s so gratifying.”

“I’m practical and I’m a traditionalist,” Jung shares. “I want people to realize they are worthy of having wonderful things included on their wedding registry. Everything surrounding your wedding should be special and stand the test of time. There’s certain things people bought me for my wedding that I still have today. I know these are things I’ll pass on to my daughter later in life, and that makes me so excited.”

>Written by Lauren Malamala

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