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Live event artists offer a unique and specialized touch to weddings all around the world. While many couples will hire artists to paint live scenes from their wedding day – most often, the first dance or reception dinner – Lucy McLoughlin is an artist who focuses on the people and depicts them in a way that appeals to fashion lovers.

As the founder of Live Event Artist based in the UK, Lucy holds an MA in Textile Design. With her mother having been a tailor, fashion and painting have always been part of Lucy’s life.

“I have worked freelance as a designer and artist for more than 20 years now,” she shares. “Four years ago, I decided to focus solely on painting, and I was naturally drawn to fashion illustrations. I developed the concept of becoming a live event artist, which is something relatively new to the UK. It’s the best decision I have ever made.”

Lucy’s signature aesthetic is inspired by fashion illustrations, giving more of an “haute couture” twist to her finished work. “It’s more about the body and clothing,” she describes, “capturing a stylish impression rather than detailed reality. I try to paint the essence of a person using my fast and fluid style and leaving out facial features. I don’t depict entire scenes, as for me the focus is on the couple, the guests, and the outfits.” 

When commissioned for an event, Lucy can paint a single person in approximately ten minutes and often paints throughout the entire wedding. Guests are welcome to browse through her work, which is displayed in a mini pop-up gallery throughout the wedding, creating a nice icebreaker and talking point. A5 paintings are quite popular among clients, as they’re the perfect size for party favors. Couples may also opt to have each guest painted individually, then use those paintings as personalized “Thank You” cards after the wedding. While Lucy typically paints each figure live, she can also take photographs and complete the paintings in her studio to maintain an element of surprise for the guests.

“I am often asked if I would accept commissions painting from photographs,” she says. “But for me, it’s all about meeting the people, being there, and instantly responding with my paintbrush and paint. I love the energy and happy atmosphere at weddings. I connect with all the people in the room and I respond to the scene in front of me. It is very intuitive, and I definitely get into my zone when I am painting. Interacting with people and receiving instant feedback from the couple and the guests is very special and rewarding. In a digital world where everything is virtual and everyone has seen it all, my mission is to create unforgettable experiences and artwork that people will treasure forever.”

Lucy is available for destination weddings and travels worldwide.

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>Written By: Lauren Malamala

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