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There was a time when Mila Moursi’s father jokingly called her “a jack of all trades and a master of none,” referring to her eclectic educational and professional background. “I had studied skincare originally,” she states, “and I went from skincare to cosmetic chemistry school. I also went to England to study water therapy.”

Before opening her Los Angeles spa in 1981, Mila spent time studying under the world-famous Dr. Louis Renaud in Paris, which led to a teaching position of her own. “Teaching was such a plus for me, because I learned to teach different techniques from different corners of the world,” she explains. “Once I found my calling and developed my business, my father told me that life takes you to different places; and when you look back, you connect the dots and realize there’s a reason and synergy to everything you’ve experienced.”

Having worked with Dr. Renaud to develop a line of advanced skincare products to complement her highly sought-after spa treatments, Mila’s brand has become a favorite among celebrities like Vanessa Williams, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Aniston. With a focus on sculpting and anti-aging, the entire product line is a culmination of its creator’s unique background and scientific expertise.

“The DNA of my brand is very French,” Mila describes. “It’s made in France, but it grew in California. It’s like a Franco-American brand in a sense. It has the artistry of the French knowhow, but it also incorporates American technology. I wanted a line that is natural, but scientific at the same time. I love nature, plant extracts and natural oils; but when you really want to work on lines and wrinkles, you need science. My respect for nature combined with my respect for science gives me a product that can work for both.”

Maintaining a high level of product integrity is imperative to Mila Moursi products, illustrated by the brand’s sunscreen—a product that didn’t launch until last year. Mila had always excluded sunscreens from her product line, simply because she couldn’t find a formula that didn’t clog pores. As a regular attendee of chemist conventions, however, she eventually came across a new technology involving a powdery, silky gel that protects the skin from the sun and pollution. The result? A new sunscreen that stars like Matthew McConaughey swear by.

One of the most unique aspects of Mila Moursi products is that their creator remains open to changes and improvements. Mila continues to fine-tune many of her formulas as if they are living works of art. “Each of my formulas is an open-faced formula, meaning it’s a formula that never dies,” she says. “It can
evolve with time. If there’s a new technology, I can put it in or replace an ingredient with another one. I have that intuition as an aesthetician. The reason why my products are made in France is because the French are passionate about the artistry of making products.”

Even with cutting-edge ingredients and complex formulas, the skincare guru emphasizes simplicity when it comes to maintaining an ageless complexion. “My philosophy includes three steps,” she shares. “Three steps in the morning and three steps at night.” A routine involving cleansing, toning and texturizing
with the Mila Moursi Refining Lotion—one of the brand’s signature products—can make a difference in as little as fourteen days. When using the crème de la crème of skincare formulas, less is always more.

> Written by Lauren Malamala

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