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boudoir photography: Yitzhak Dalal Photography

L.A.-based celebrity photographer Yitzhak Dalal has been shooting bridal boudoir for a decade, but au courant brides-to-be have learned that what’s good for one is even hotter for two. At Yitzhak Dalal Photography, requests for couple boudoir shoots are fairly new, but definitely on the rise. “I think it is an excellent gift to one another and a way to capture an intimate moment in time,” adds the wedding and fashion photographer of 25 years. “And as they say: You will never look better! What couple wouldn’t want to remember their partner like this forever?”

With a couple’s session, the focus isn’t just on the sensuality of you as a woman, but also on the bond and intimacy shared between you and your partner. While wedding day images will capture the love you share, partaking in a personal boudoir session— together—allows for images of a more sexy and seductive nature.

To make the most of a couple’s session, both partners should have met (and feel entirely comfortable) with the photographer. It is also wise to invest in a hair and makeup stylist to come to the shoot. “Being down to your undergarments is already hard. Why not have someone pamper you and bring out the best you beforehand?” recommends Dalal, who prefers natural, classic looks for timeless photos.

In the end, you and your fiancé will decide how much skin to show and how intimate you want the images to be. “There’s nothing to stroke the ego like a boudoir shoot,” Dalal says. Of course, learning to love yourself au natural “is important not only for the shoot, but a good thing to take through life,” adds Dalal, pointing out that it will make for the best photographs. And be sure to focus on each other instead of the camera. The lens will only amplify any apprehension or anxiety, so relax and let your sensual and seductive sides take center stage.

> Written by April C. Miller

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