Photograhy & Cinematography

On any given week, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style receives hundreds – if not thousands – of editorial submissions including real weddings, styled shoots, and engagement sessions. Grace is often asked what her prerequisites are when choosing which weddings get featured either online or in print, and what she looks for when sifting through the endless stream of submissions. Her answer is always, “Photography.” Without a doubt, photography is the most important aspect of a couple’s wedding day, and it all comes down to hiring the right photographer. In this section, we focus on wedding photography by showcasing the work of top photographers around the world, discussing various photography styles and techniques, and sharing advice they have for future brides and grooms.

After the wedding experience is over, many couples find that they’ve built a close relationship with their wedding photographer. This is because, in most cases, a photographer isn’t enlisted solely for the wedding day. There’s the formal engagement shoot, optional pre-wedding shoot (which may involve traveling overseas together to enjoy some alone time before the big day), and the occasional boudoir shoot – a favorite among many of our brides, who create a beautifully bound album or framed portrait as a wedding gift to their betrothed.

An engagement shoot can be anything, from intimate and informal, to lavish and sophisticated. One thing Kristi Klemens of KLK Photography insists upon, however, is that an engagement session needs to be a couple’s day off together, or a documented date. That is, they should be relaxed and enjoying time together in an authentic way so their unique personalities, chemistry, and love for each other is portrayed in the final images.

Being comfortable with one’s photographer is especially crucial for those opting for a boudoir shoot, and top boudoir photographers will know exactly how to make their clients feel at ease. In Rhode Island, for example, Hilary of Hilary B. Photography will partner with local bed and breakfasts to host a “bridal boudoir shower” to make it a fun, festive occasion for the bride. Over in Vancouver, Jennifer Williams of Jennifer Williams Boudoir Photography takes the time to practice posing with her clients, so they become comfortable in front of the lens before she starts shooting. Other notable boudoir photographers are The Boudoir Divas based in San Diego, and Yitzhak Dalal in Los Angeles.

In our editorial feature, “The Art of Making Memories,” we interviewed several top wedding photographers around the world to discuss their approach to photographing luxury weddings. Their responses offered a great deal of insight, stemming from their diverse backgrounds and experiences. There was, however, one commonality between them – each photographer had a great deal of respect and appreciation for the fact that couples entrust them to capture the most important day of their lives, and they all take time outside of wedding photography to perfect their craft and grow as individual artists.