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Uncompromising. Unapologetically Bold.: Alexandra Mor

Uncompromising. Unapologetically bold. Both descriptions of jewelry designer Alexandra Mor herself as well as her one-of-a-kind collections. She has been creating breathtaking pieces sure to dazzle and delight and become treasured heirlooms—be it a brilliant cut diamond and sapphire ring, round diamond studs with jade jackets, a diamonds and pearls mesh cuff bracelet, a green tourmaline and diamond necklace—since her debut collection was softly launched to the public in 2010 at auction house Phillips. 
Alexandra’s designs celebrate all that is timeless and classic but viewed through a contemporary eye she fashions collectible pieces of jewelry for today’s lifestyle. “It is brought to life by paying attention to a concoction of old-world craftsmanship,” she explains, “that mingles with new-world glamour.” Life, fashion, art, nature, women, poetry and music allprovide inspiration as does Alexandra’s husband and three children: “They are the reason I do what I do.” 
Strong, independent and comfortable in their own skin is how the artist describes the women who wear her pieces. “They are authentic, bold and not afraid to be who they are,” says Alexandra. “I perceive my designs as making a statement of and through the woman or man who is wearing it.” 
Her design studio and office—both in midtown Manhattan—are two separate yet integral spaces to her process. First-time clients and collectors meet with the artist in her office where she has access to an inventory of diamonds, gemstones and her jewelry collection. It’s in her studio where sketches and design occur. “It’s my sanctuary,” Alexandra says of the space, “where I have no distractions and can dive deeply into the depths of my imagination.” 
She typically sketches three design options, all with her distinctive aestheticand compositions that balance form, color and silhouettes. Her signature details—sometimes an accent, other times a bold statement—elevate and bring out the true essence of the stone. “All the stones I find and work with speak to both mine and my collectors’ hearts,” she adds. “If it is a ring, what type of shank and setting will hold the glorious rock, will it be accented by diamonds or other gems?” 
Once artist and client agree on a final drawing, Alexandra meets with one of her craftsmen to scrutinize all details before production begins, a process that may take anywhere from one to six months. “For engagement and wedding rings,” she notes, “we work on the client’s timetable to make it happen and to have it ready for that most special of occasions.” 
My Jewelry Box on the website allows clients to view virtually every stage of their creation’s production. “Collectors get a real kick out of this, and so do I,” Alexandra explains. “Especially if it’s their first custom piece. It’s really quite the experience.” 
This fall she teamed with Dorfman Jewelers in Boston (her exclusive U.S. retailer) to launch “Collectors Lunch.” The invitation-only event brings together those clients who own one or more of her pieces. “My collectors are becoming a sort of special club,” Alexandra explains. “Who knows where this event will lead.”


> Written By: April C. Miller

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