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Exquisite Events

Event Designers & Planners

Los Angeles, California

Internationally celebrated for their ability to bring a unique blend of elegance, style and sophistication into any space and event, Nikki and Madiha have been a leading figure in the event planning business for over fifteen years.  

As the daughter of a Rhodes Scholar, Nikki was influenced by the literary giants, philosophers, and artists early on.   During her father’s tenure in Switzerland, she attended the prestigious Swiss Finishing School where she learned the intricacies for social graces and etiquette.  Her father had a profound influence on her childhood and his zest for travel, arts, and history provided a wonderful introduction and appreciation for different cultures.  

It is these qualities and her passion for people and entertaining that led her to found Exquisite Events in Los Angeles, a premier event planning and design company dedicated to special events from sophisticated soirees to culturally infused wedding celebrations. Nikki is fortunate to have her daughter and business partner Madiha join the company full time and together they ensure that all of their  events are executed with the utmost in professionalism, quality and unique style and leave a memorable impression for all involved.