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Alejandra Poupel Events and Design

Destination Wedding Planner

France, Paris

Alejandra is an enthusiastic event planner who works hard for her clients yet always has a bright, shining smile on her face. Called “France’s wedding planner extraordinare” by Paris Match. Working for years in Christie’s auction house in Paris. She believes in the magic of the moment and after years of experience, she’s always pushing boundaries and stretching herself to learn and grow and become event better at what she does.

She has built a reputation for world class events from global clients that appreciate her professionalism, sophistication and ability to think out of the box. Innovation and audacity have been the keys to her success and her ability to set trends rather than follow them makes her one of the most sought after event planners in Europe. She’s a one stop shop that gets the job done with style and grace. She will do whatever it takes for her clients with unparalleled service which is why clients rave about her and the team.

If you are looking for a wedding planner who is professional and poised yet fun to work with, Alejandra is the perfect partner to make your dreams become reality. “ I love working with people from around the world who have high expectations and wild dreams” says Alejandra.